Saturday, 24 May 2008

A dangerously infectious condition

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Ever since the identity of the man accused of attempting to set off a bomb in an Exeter restaurant was revealed, certain sections of the press have been announcing breathlessly that the suspect, Nicky Reilly, is a white convert to Islam.

The media always get overexcited when they can pretend that white Europeans are as likely to be terrorists as Asians, even if they have to bend the truth into impossible contortions to do so. Readers may recall how hard they tried to present Andrew Ibrahim, the young terror suspect arrested in Bristol in April as “white”, even after it was revealed that his father wa an Asian doctor called Nassif.

It seems that this time they are correct and that the suspect is a white English native, albeit one with a history of mental problems, who the police believe may have been radicalised.

Whatever the truth may be in this instance, I don't really know why the press get so excited on the rare occasion that a white convert gets involved in attempted atrocities, it proves nothing other than that radical Islam is a dangerously infectious condition. Nicky Reilly did not change Islam, Islam changed Nicky Reilly.

Dengue fever does not cease to be a tropical disease if an Englishman catches it, and and neither does the fact that a few vulnerable or weak minded individuals have been seduced into embracing its deadly doctrine make Islam a European faith.

The few small Muslim enclaves in the Balkans and Chechnya are the residue left from earlier attempts by Islam to colonise Europe, not to any European tradition. Islam is an alien philosophy, with its origins in a set of beliefs so different to those at the root of our own culture that most can either not comprehend it or refuse to acknowledge it.

There is no European tradition within Islam, it is a force from outside, which we have let in and the fact that it has captured or beguiled some of our children does not make it native to our land.

Like all infectious conditions, some will fall victim to it, as Nicky Reilly appears to have done, but all that tells us is that we need to take preventative measures before more succumb.


najistani said...

"Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog" - Winston Churchill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It also demonstrates, of course, that Islam is NOT a race.

Anonymous said...

I see the Italians have finaly got it right they have bulldozed a mosque in verona this week.Check it out on Islam in europe.

Anonymous said...

Also proves that it's an islamic war on this country otherwise no white guy would carry out attacks having nothing to do with the islamic world.
A guy that owns the internet cafe where this nutcase used to attend.
Said;about 3 months ago two islamic dressed men started to accompany him where previously he'd always been alone.
They were teaching him how to use the computer properly.
Great news today a lay man within the church.
Has come out fighting against the Archdhimmi of canterbury.
That christianity has bowed enough to islam.
That he now intends to go around with christians converting moslems that are here in the UK.
The BBCs shock horror was hard to disguise asking was it wise.
His reply why not it's a duty!
The Bishop of Rochester backs him fully [Nazir]
The man added that 68% of our towns and cities are full of folk not christian but other religions.
The BBC then attacked him saying that figure will be disputed.
They jumped in too quickly i'd say the guy hit the nail on the head.