Saturday, 3 May 2008

Unite Against Freedom(UAF) lose their sugar daddy

UAF throw a strop after hearing of Red Kens defeat and BNP Victories

Now that Red Ken has been rejected, even by those colonisers he encouraged to our former Capital City, one wonders what the Unite Against Freedom (UAF) thugs are going to do now they have lost their Sugar Daddy.

Will Red Ken still be their Chairman or will they ask Boris to take up the newt mans fallen red flag? Considering that Boris Johnson's boss, David Cameron is a major signatory of the marxist UAF I would not put it past them.

But will Boris be as generous as the secret serial father when it comes to funding all the Marxist organisations such as BLINK and the UAF, knowing that the British National Party will be watching his every move through the eyes of their excellent Richard Barnbrook.

In attempts to console themselves, the UAF have gone into group hug mode on their site and pointed out that the new BNP councillors count for nothing and that at the current rate of growth it would take the BNP quite a few more years to come to power.

Learning nothing from Labours complete collapse, they do not realise that when the British People finally wake up to the fact that votes for the Conservatives are in fact wasted votes in a rotating dictatorship, where it is now the Conservatives turn to govern, that the True British People WILL MOVE to the British National Party in one huge avalanche that will sweep the Tri-Axis parties away for ever.

All together now UAF. Hug and sing your little song "Whose afraid of the BNP, the BNP, the BNP. Whose afraid of the BNP - not me. Run away, run away, run away".


Peter said...

Fantstic!...The UAF rabble and hired unemployed thugs by the Labour Unions are not happy. But guess what we the BNP are very happy. This is one of the greatest results in the history of our very young party. Every British Nationalist should today rejoice in the demise of the the anti democrats of the "fascist far left"

Anonymous said...

When it comes to making a fortune, the old comment applies now as it ever did: 'The first million is the hardest.'

Rupert Murdoch is only one of many multimillionaires and billionares who built their fortunes on the spadework of their fathers.

Similarly to get a car noving you need to put it into a low gear and exert utmost power to overcome inertia and to get it moving, when higher gears and less effort are required to reach top speed.

What is true of money and movement and umpteen other areas of life is true of politics also in many cases. There are so many instances of political careers and movements which have struggled to get off the ground, but when once this has been achieved, have then taken flight.

With the BNP we are at the phase when the party is just getting off the ground. So when its enemies decry its local successes as unimportant, they are fools. Just wait and see that when the winds are favourable, the craft will soar.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat and it will take more than the Fascist UAF to wipe it off my face the snowball has started!
Londonners that voted BNP a great big THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!

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