Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Open season on white youths

Yes I know you have seen this before but lets remind ourselves what it is like to be outnumbered by jackals

Being a white male in some parts of Our tormented Country these days is more dangerous than being sandpapered all over until every pore is bleeding and then thrown into shark invested water.

You have already seen images of what a young, enriched white male looks like as shown in this article here and you were warned that local authorities have been having crisis meetings with police after official figures have revealed an increasing number of racist attacks on whites by mainly moslem youths.

And yet still nothing in the National Press about the intimidation of young white males by the colonisers of Our Country who are "establishing" their no-go areas and marking out their territory that whites may enter at their peril.

This week we had the case of two young children who were attacked by yet another "gang" of 12 Asians as they delivered a local newspaper on a Sunday afternoon.

Although kicked and beaten, the children were lucky just to have been robbed as it was only the quick action of local residents investigating the noise and calling the police that caused the jackals to break off their attack and flee.
The victims’ mother said the boys have been left extremely shaken and terrified at the thought of returning to their delivery route this weekend.

She added: “My husband and I have tried to reassure them and told them that they can’t let these thugs put them off doing a job they love doing.
Brave words Mum but not much consolation when you are on your own surrounded by a pack of savages intent on beating you to a pulp.

Moving over to Huddersfield another attack confirms that these assaults on young white males are not isolated incidents.

Imagine the fear of this young white male who was chased for over half a mile before being hospitalized having been beaten with baseball bats and pieces of wood by yet another gang of 15 Asian men.

Now we know that the cowards of these "gangs" like to outnumber their victims by as large a number as possible and this is something we should worry about.

Are we going to see large gangs of young white males start to be formed in order to simply survive and defend themselves? You can bet that should there be any retaliatory attacks by angry young whites, then the full weight of the law will crash down on the indigenous population who defend themselves.

And down the road, how many young white boys will wind up in jail because of the colonisation of Our Country and their unwillingness to bow the knee to the enrichers who see themselves as superior and above the law of Our Land?

And their plans for our young women?

And our young women? What about them in the areas that have been enriched. What is their future in an enriched society?

Well, West Yorkshire police are investigating a paedophile ring that has been targeting children as young as seven. I wonder what the ethnic make up of these paedophiles might be? You can view a Look North report here which describes how their inquiry discovered the paedophile ring.

You may also be interested in The Asian Paedophile Prostitution Network that I wrote about back last year. Very disturbing reading.

You die hard Lib/Lab/con voters had better wakeup fast, or you will either be visiting your children in hospital or taking flowers down the cemetery on a Sunday, unless the British National Party is given the chance to repair the damage done to Our Country by corrupt and evil politicians.


Anonymous said...

Regarding 'Asian paedophiles'. Asia is a huge continent ranging from the Arctic tundra of Eastern Siberia to the lush tropics of Sri Lanka.

But it isn't Siberian shamans or Sri Lankan Buddhists who are raping seven-year-old girls.

Please refer to the subhuman trash as what they are - barbaric incestuously inbred worshippers of a murderous Satanic scumbag child-molester.

The Green Arrow said...


You are right. I do not know when the establishment lumped "Asian" on us. I suspect it was to get away from the words Pakistani and Bangladeshi, etc.

I shall try to be more accurtate.