Saturday, 12 April 2008

27 Voters at would be MP's Home

In the video posted a day ago, you might remember Richard Barnbrook speaking about ballot fraud and what actions the British National Party were going to take to investigate any instances of it happening.

Well check this out Richard. Police have launched an investigation in Lancashire about the number of voters registered at the home of Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Mohammed Anwar.

There are 27 people registered to vote at his home. Fearing the hand on the law on his collar and obviously having been warned about the actions of the British National Party's intension to check on the electoral register the details of homes with large numbers of voters registered. The would be MP, Mr Anwar has said that no postal or proxy votes would be requested.

A spokesman for the Electoral Commission, an independent body set up by parliament which sets the standards for running elections, said: "We have driven progress to make the electoral process more secure and that includes guidance and training for police officers in how to sport possible fraud.

"We are looking for the introduction of individual voter registration when it comes to postal voting and we want to see that as soon as possible."

Too little to late as far as I am concerned. Anywhere you find the enrichers, you find ballot fraud.


Anonymous said...

Postal voting stinks...strange, or maybe not, this Mohammed Anwar shares his name with the Scottish fellow who defied a driving ban so that he could nightly service his two wives. I have written to my MP re-this rampant chap...seemingly she seems to think that bigamy is illegal in this country regardless of faith or gender...but my concern has been passed to Jacqui Smith...I don't hold my breath!

Anonymous said...

have a good laugh at this spoof of a well known anti BNP group

Anonymous said...

Probably claiming all sorts of welfare payments for various wives/relatives on the premises

Anonymous said...

Great sight last night returning to the UK at Leeds Bradford airport..long queue at customs of Islamabad gypsies trying to get in amid waving of papers & arguments...baggage area snided out with them..customs officials watching them like hawks...but that's all we ever do isn't it..stand back & watch.

Fortunately for me at the arrival gate I was easily able to pick out my son waiting...he was about the only white face!!!

Bradford is lost to us now...Bradford is an islamic hell hole!

xoggoth said...

Don't think Stalin really said that, it wouldn't have been at all witty in Russian! Acording to Babel Fish it is:

не будет вотумами подсчитывают его подсчитывает вотумы