Monday, 28 April 2008

Canadians bring home their war dead

Forget for a few sad minutes the rights and wrongs of the illegal wars and compare the differences in respect for the war dead of two similar but different nations.

Up of your knees Britain. Our troops deserve better.


Anonymous said...

What a deeply moving clip and it's brought tears - along with a raging anger.

We have to get our country back and our real hope is the BNP.

And the bastards who have abused our servicemen and women are going to regret the day they were born.

God bless Canada.


Anonymous said...

Tears and rage. agreed at the way we don't honour our dead.
Nobody welcomes tham back home nobody salutes their passing the media seem too embarrassed to even mention their deaths at all.
While they and many other young men and women have given up their very lives for us here to live freely.
We just allow the very same freedoms and rights to be trampled into the ground like it's just another commodity to be thrown away without realising the blood that each and every one had cost in young lives.
Shame on us all. shame on our
Canadians can hold their heads up high and their dead rest in peace i doubt ours can or do!

Red Squirrel said...

This Brought tears to mine and my husbands eyes this morning GA.Our soldiers should also be honoured in this manner as they once were.
The population of this county are not allowed to do anything that offends our invaders!
What about the deep offence that we are made to feel by the Muslims ever growing presence? And their winging demands, which are met without even consulting US,the Indigenous population!
You will already perhaps have read this apocalyptic scenario from Gates of Vienna,
But here it is for anyone who has not.

It is time to have these people packing their bags,for the many ships and aircraft that we will need to send them back to their countries of origin!

VOTE BNP It's Our ONLY chance of Survival!