Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Morley, West Yorks shows us how it ought to be done

Good Morning Everyone. First of all I want to express my thanks to The Green Arrow for allowing me to make the occasional contribution while he is recovering from his one-man survey of how the South Wales NHS is doing in the hands of the Lab-Plaid Alliance.

So here I am, sitting in my office on a gloriously sunny April morning watching the world (well, it's unmentionable bits anyway) float by as scum on the river Usk. It's St Georges Day.

Now when I was a kid I recall the Saturday nearest to St Georges Day meant getting done up in green shirt, black neckerchief, woggle, beret and knife, getting "bussed" to City Hall and marching with the rest of my Scout Troop along Cardiff's City streets in the St Georges Day Parade.

We marched alongside soldiers, sailors, airmen, nurses, members of the British Legion and the Salvation Army. Oh and I think there might have been some Girl Guides there too (!) Leading the way was the band of the Welsh Guards - and their goat.

Why was I there ? Because I had to be. As a twelve year old kid you don't really understand, and by the time you do, it's too late.

Was it "Militaristic" ? Well, maybe. Certainly the goat had a fearsome set of weapons and about a decade later its descendant was to prove there are SOME things the New Zealand "All Blacks" cannot make cower in fright !

Was it "Safe" ? Well, at the time, the Irish were cheerfully bombing, shooting, knee-capping and generally ripping lumps out of each other and anyone else they thought might stand in the way of their desire for, or their dislike of, a united ireland. But that didn't stop what had to be the best part of a thousand people turning up to march through the streets cheered on by crowds lining the route. And yes there WERE crowds lining the route. Maybe not as many as Liz and Phil from Buck House mustered for their "driveabout" a couple of months later as part of the ceremony where they made their eldest the bloke in charge of this neck of the woods, but crowds there were and cheer they did.

It wouldn't be allowed today, of course. The Green Shirts would definitely have to go - and the woggles are a choking hazard. And as for the knives, well ... !!

So I thought I'd kick off my morning with a trip to the website whose motto 'Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation' once MEANT something. I went there with a heavy heart and came back elated.

Why? Go read it for yourself here

"The banners, flags and bunting went up weeks ago, and across the market town of Morley in West Yorkshire, residents have been holding their biggest St George's celebrations to date. Not content with flying the flag for just one day, an entire weekend was given over this year to celebrating England's national day. The programme of events alone stretched to three pages long, and 10,000 were distributed to schools, shops and homes to encourage people to join the show of patriotism."

And the "Images of Morley" section on their Town Hall Website are worth a look too.

A town stuck in the past, revelling in past glories ? Maybe. But looking back now, I see there was something just a little bit "inclusive" in that St Georges Day Parade that I took part in all those years ago in the Capital City of Wales. In fact I think the fact that they HAD a St Georges Day Parade IN the capital city of WALES in 1969 says it all, doesn't it.

I bet Plaid wouldn't stand for it happenning today. Not that Rhodri would let it. He's too fond of his golf, remember.

A Merry St Georges Day to each and every one of my readers.

(It will be for me. I'm off up the pub tonight. Wearing my T Shirt with the dates and scores of the recent welsh grand slam in Six Nations Rugby !)


Archer said...

A very nice article, John.

Morley looks to me a picture-postcard, clean, respectable and patriotic town.

I hope it remains so.

However, the town has now come into the spotlight as a last bastion of pride, decency and culturally conscious people. Consequently, the New Labour Party, their cohorts in the Lib-Dems and Tories, together with their rent-a-mob state-funded confused boot-boys of the UAF and other anti-British, fascist regiments will –to use their favourite verb– "SMASH" the town's attributes to smithereens and enforce their warped "progression" in the form of Islamification; immigrants, and their accompanying crime; social dislocation; and yes, even paedophilia (for the political Left don't believe in punishing these animals because they are apparently "victims of society")

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good article and thanks for your memories too. I work abroad and have been looking at places to settle in Yorkshire(coming home!) Morley has now moved up the list.

Archer, do you have any links to newspaper articles? If you do, they should be disseminated via forums on the Yorkshire Evening Post etc. It would be doing a service to the people of Morley.