Thursday, 10 April 2008

Barnsely UAF thugs deny attack on BNP

The Barnsley BNP were selling again within minutes...

Surprise, surprise. The leader of Barnsley, Unite against Freedom(UAF) group of the moslem and state funded militant wing of the Labour Party has denied that it was their members who launched a cowardly attack against a female member of the British National Party selling the Voice of Freedom.
Paul Harris, Barnsley BNP's organiser, said the incident was sparked by members of the Unite Against Fascism group who were holding a day of action in town.

Mr Harris, of Newtown Avenue, Royston, said: “We saw the true nature of the groups which oppose the BNP when our sales stand was violently attacked and totally destroyed.
Of course they would deny their attack, they always do when it looks as though the Old Bill might be about to feel their collars. Usually they like to brag about their bravery as they did here in Glasgow when a mob of UAF cowards attacked three BNP members.

You can read the truth and the details of the original attack here. There are also links to the Barnsley BNP site. Drop in and say hello. They are great guys.

There is also a link to a UAF pdf file where the brave communists reveal and show images of how a gang of 30 of them heroically threw bricks at a car and then fled the scene with "no injuries". Pathetic cowardly worms. You might also like to read The mentality of the real UAF.

Time now, for all you people still supporting the Lib/Lab/con alliance that have now united under the banner of marxism and become signed up supporters of the violent and undemocratic UAF, to throw of the chains of deceit they have bound you with and start supporting the British National Party. Britain's only hope for your children's future.


Anonymous said...

The recent physical attacks on paper sellers is proof (if ever any was needed) that the left are approaching desperation at the continued growth of the BNP. Cowards each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

UAF=Fascist Stormtroopers of Left

albion said...

You must remember it was Churchill that said "Fascism will return disguised as Anti-Fascism"

Not only was he a great man of strength and total loyalty to his country but a man of prophesy.

True to his prophesy the cancer re-appeared many years after the war in the guise of a group of violent senseless ratbags called the UAF or (United Alongside Fascism) who have no loyalty to anyone, least of all their tribal group.