Monday, 28 April 2008

Enemies of the People - Day 3 (Tories)

(Contributed by a Green Arrow Forum member)

Because of their crimes, and the consequent crime against the people, these crooks and degenerates that lurk in the corridors of power are here exposed for what they are.

For the benefit of the people these criminals (and the corrupt mainstream parties that shelter them) need to be immediately removed from power. Think about it: you would obviously not be happy with criminals being school governors at the school your child went to -so why does the British electorate insist on appointing to power villains and reprobates that are clearly untrustworthy?

Seemingly, the British electorate are architects of their own demise. By voting for parties who have criminals in their ranks British voters bring upon themselves hardship and injustice that comes from the laws, edicts and declarations issued by scoundrels. However, the British electorate could be forgiven for not knowing of these criminals in power. But now there is no excuse because we have brought you hard evidence and undeniable truth of the type of slime running YOUR country and ‘managing’ YOUR lives.

Here we shall focus only on MPs and Lords -those at the top of public office. For the other HUNDREDS of CRIMINAL councillors from the LABOUR, LIB-DEM and TORY parties then please visit:

Here are the crimes of assorted Tories:

Tory Party MP (Billericay/Essex) Harvey Proctor –Convicted and fined a total of £1,450 in 1987 for sex offences of a sadomasochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign.

Tory Party MEP (Surrey) Tom Spencer –Caught smuggling marijuana, cocaine, and homosexual pornography through customs following a trip to Amsterdam in 2003.

Tory Party Councillor (Folkestone) Robert Richdale has a 41-year history of crime, involving 30 convictions and 5 prison sentences. Richdales enormous criminal record, which covers 10 pages of A4 paper, includes convictions for assault, theft, causing death by dangerous driving, forgery, drugs offences, possession of an offensive weapon, and sex attacks against underage schoolgirls. The Tory Party election campaign literature described Richdale as: “A family man” who had a “compassionate personality”

Tory Party MP (Shipley/Yorkshire) Philip Davies –Attacked a Labour MP, Stephen Pound (Ealing/London), following a particularly vigorous and engaging political debate at Talksport Radio, London in 2005. According to the radio host, Ian Collins: “It was an absolutely ridiculous sight, two grown men in their Savile Row suits brawling as if they were in a playground. They were in a bear hug and really going for it. They were very serious. We broke it up but as they were leaving, one taunted the other and it broke out all over again”. After the fight Mr Pound, who is Labour’s Law and Order spokesman, was taken to hospital and treated for a suspected broken rib.

Tory Party MP (Henley) Boris Johnson –Caught on tape in 2002 plotting to have a man beaten up by a hired thug. The man was a journalist who had written an unsympathetic piece about Johnson’s close friend –convicted fraudster, Darius Guppy.

Tory Party MP (Canterbury/Kent) Julian Brazier – Appointed as the Conservative Party’s transport spokesman by Michael Howard in 2005, despite the fact that he is a convicted killer driver! Brazier received a suspended jail sentence in 2001 after ploughing into and killing motorcyclist Carlo Civitelli while on holiday in Italy. Brazier was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Tory Party MP (Tatton/Cheshire), and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne – Appeared in The News of the World photographed with his arms draped around a prostitute, Natalie Rowe (AKA ‘Mistress Pain’) sitting at a table laden with (according to Ms Rowe) lines of cocaine and paper to facilitate the snorting of it. Osborne was also campaign manager to his close friend Tory golden boy David Cameron during the 2005 Conservative leadership contest. Cameron famously refuses to reveal whether or not he has ever taken any Class A drugs.

Tory Party MEP (Eastern Region) Bashir Khanbhai –Kicked off the Conservative list of approved candidates after being caught fiddling thousands of pounds in travel expenses on the Brussels gravy train. Mr Khanbhai’s website emphasised his crucial work as an MEP in… “attacking fraud and mismanagement in Brussels”

For a list of Labour enemies of the people click here and for Liberal Democrat enemies click here.


ivan said...

arrow : these pictures are horrible are they real british people ? they all look like in breds from the muppet show

Anonymous said...

osborn has been to the builderburger group(NWO) he declared it last year.

he is another new world order globalist world goverment fascist lacky.

Anonymous said...


"Good people, things cannot go right in England and never will, until goods are held in common and there are no more villeins and gentlefolk, but we are all one and the same. In what way are are those whom we call lords greater masters than ourselves? How have they deserved it? Why do they hold us in bondage? If we all spring from a single father and mother, Adam and Eve, how can they claim or prove that they are lords more than us, except by making us produce and grow the wealth which they spend? They are clad in velvet and camlet lined with squirrel and ermine, while we go dressed in coarse cloth. They have the wines, the spices and the good bread: we have the rye, the husks and the straw, and we drink water. They have shelter and ease in their fine manors, and we have hardship and toil, the wind and the rain in the fields. And from us must come, from our labour, the things whcih keep them in luxury. We are called serfs and beaten if we are slow in our service to them, yet we have no sovereign lord we can complain to, none to hear us and do us justice. Let us go to the king--he is young--and show him how we are oppressed, and tell him that we want things to be changed, or else we will change them ourselves. If we go in good earnest and all together, very many people who are called serfs and are held in subjection will follow us to get their freedom. And when the king sees and hears us, he will remedy the evil, either willingly or otherwise.". . .