Thursday, 10 April 2008


Labour. Still working to Stalins original plan for a One World government of the elite

Odin has sent me a few links and some thoughts on immigration and made a comparison between Stalins deliberate genocide of the Ukrainian people by replacing them with citizens more loyal and easier to control. The rest that follows is the work of Odin. You can find him over on our forum.

Confirmation, if it was ever needed that the British National Party, is right about the Labour party wanting remove the white population of England and replace them with people from anywhere other than the indigenous people can be found over on the site of Frank Field , the Labour MP for Birkenhead, who wrote the following in 2006:
In 2004 almost one million people came to live in Britain while 340,000 left to start a new life beyond our shores. If this trend continues, one-tenth of the country's population will have been changed within the life of a five-year parliament.

The revolution is on a par with Stalin's forced migration of Ukraine.

He set out to transform Ukraine by forcing out the existing population and replacing it with citizens loyal to the Soviet Republic.

The Ukrainians did not vote for Stalin's brutal policy. Nor have voters here agreed to the transformation of England.

The Government wants the population to rise through immigration by six million over 30 years, and for this six million to settle largely in England.

At the current rate, that objective will be met in a third of the time.
Notice that they want most of them to settle in England, this once Green and Pleasant land, I wonder if that is because most of the Labour party are from Scotland?

What has all of this resulted in?

Crime has gone through the roof. It shows yet again, how the white English men are of no consequence.

If a white man is killed it is taken as just a normal crime. If however some one is from a so called minority group, it is almost always called a racist attack.

There was a case not far from me, where four Penge boys where attacked by eighteen black boys who were tooled up with knifes, the white boys were stabbed and beaten.

According to the police it was just a gang fight. They must think that white boys are either stupid or capable of taking on tooled up young men at the ratio of 4.5 to 1 for a gang fight to be the answer. Again from Frank Field
There are now almost as many violent crimes against the person in Birkenhead as were committed in the entire country 50 years ago. While this is true of most constituencies many commentators are in denial. They concentrate on the hoy-poly of mid Victorian times, ignoring the march to respectability over the following hundred years. These figures on violent crime highlight that something fundamental has changed in our society. We were once a peaceable kingdom, largely self governing. That, sadly, is now no longer true.

This public ideology had mass endorsement. As a result British society gained a confidence that can only come when practically everyone believes that they are alike to train passengers, all on the same journey, even if the passengers are divided along class lines, into different coaches.
So it looks to me, that the only way to get a sensible government in this country and one that will not be there just to feather their own nest is to vote for the BNP. Again from the Frank Field site.
I helped launch ‘Labour against the Euro’; a group of more than 34 Labour MPs, led by Kelvin Hopkins MP, opposed to membership of the European Single Currency.
So if you have voted Labour in the past, you can see there were only 34 Labour MPs who were willing to do anything for us. The rest are a bunch of W********(correct but I still felt the need to edit. ed) and that is why I am going to start voting BNP.



Anonymous said...

cannot understand what Frank Field is doing in the labour party. there again, what is cameron doing in the conservatives?

Fyrdist said...

Odin or GA: have you the direct link to where these statements by Frank can be found? Thanks.

The Green Arrow said...

Damn. I knew I forgot to do something. Odin did provide them.

I will go put them in.