Sunday, 6 April 2008

If Boris does not want your vote, whose does he want?

Boris Johnson, dressed in a shawl given to him by local community members,poses with Presidnet Dr Idris Zainuddin during his visit to the Husseini Mosque in the Mahummedi Park masjid complex in Northholt on April 4, 2008 in London

As we all know now, Boris Johnson's Turkish grandfather dropped the family name of Kemal when he came to Our Country back in 1915. At that time Turkey was busy practicing genocide and attempting to wipe the Armenian people from the face of the earth, as a result, the Turks, were not then, as now the most popular people on the planet. Boris Kemal? Boris Johnson? Not sure which I prefer.

We also know that Boris does not wish for the votes of the True Brits remaining in London, so one wonders whose votes does he want or hope to gain in his quest to become Mayor of Londonistan.

Well we know he is hoping to pick up the Jewish vote. Remember his promising to build more five bedroomed houses for the Charedi Community in London? Five bedroomed homes whilst there are ex-servicemen living in cardboard boxes. Way to go Boris. Way to go.

But Boris knows where his bread and butter vote is these days. It is with the Moslems who spread across a country quicker than dandelions across a field in summer.
“My grandfather was a Muslim and so was my great-grandfather. I am proud of my Muslim ancestry."
So which bits is Boris proud of? The murders of millions of people? The paedophilia of their prophet? Honour killings? Boris does not say and I must confess I cannot think of one single achievement or benefit that Moslems have brought to this earth except population control of non moslems. You have lost me there. Sorry Boris.

Talk about run with the fox and hunt with the hounds. Boris is everything to all men. Unless of course your True British, then you can go run and jump.


ivan said...

i think any true blue tory will now be realising that like new labour their own party has been infiltrated by left wing millitants.there is only one party that offers hope to all class's of this country and thats the BNP. vote Richard Barnbrook it makes sense

Anonymous said...

Boris, just like Cameron, courts everyone and stands for nothing.

How this idiot is a candidate for mayor in one of the world's greatest cities demonstrates how low standards now are in British politics.

What a desperate state the tories must be in if he is their best choice for Mayor of London.

Compare Richard Barnbrook to Boris. One is a bufoon, a media clown, the other a statesman. One deserves your vote, the other has earned your contempt.


Ray Boyd said...

You are opening my eyes on virtually every posting. Great blog. On the other hand, however much a prat Boris is, wouldn't he be preferable to the despicable Livingstone?

Let's face it for the BNP to get a couple of seats at the London election would be good, but anything more must be a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Ray, yes I agree with you, but why is it a pipe dream?, are we subconsciously accepting that corruption, vote rigging and the overwhelming immigrant vote will always win the day, because virtually every person I speak to, from all walks of life, have had enough of both Liebour AND Tories-yes I concede that some wont vote BNP because they are still under the effects of the brainwashing we as a nation have endured for so long, but I believe that if true democracy took place and acted on the number of votes cast for any given party, then with the feeling in Britain as it is, we wouldnt be thinking pessimistically.

Bert Rustle said...

anonymous wrote ... Liebour AND Tories ...

How about Liebour, the Glib Dems and the Stories?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many are "proud of their muslim ancestry" but are still living HERE!!
They seem to have no desire to live in their ancestral lands among their own people.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Brian Paddick anti-multiculture? As a gay cop, he knows how much harm all these tribes are doing to the natives. He is very angry with Ken for having invited fundamentalist muslims to the city hall.