Sunday, 20 April 2008

Searchlights two days of Action in Wales

Population of Wales turnout to support Searchlight. Click for larger image

After the dismal turnout for the Communist led Searchlight Cymru protest against the BNP yesterday in Swansea, at which less than an handful of supporters from all the allied trade unions and associated political parties turned up. You would think that things could not get any worse for the communists that now control the Lib/Lab/con alliance. But they could and did.
Cllr Cheryl Green (in yellow) doing the Communists work in Bridgend earlier today

Besides promising free pick-ups for a Bridgend Day of Action, against the BNP today,Sunday, only six communists turned up, led by Liberal Democrat Councillor and leader of Bridgend Council, Cheryl Green . Cheryl was one of those responsible for creating the foolishly named "Rainbow Alliance" that is the cover name for the working together in harmony of all the other traitor parties in Bridgend. A name that really says it all.

Adam Lloyd, ex-serviceman, local businessman and BNP Candidate

Adam Lloyd, the British National Party Candidate for the Cefn Glas ward of Bridgend would loved to have stopped and chatted to them but he was too busy being warmly greeted by the real people of Bridgend. Many of whom were ignorant of the deal done by all the traitor parties in Wales to unite under the Communist Banner. Searchlight. Thicker than frog spawn in a dried up pond on a sunny day.


Man Of The Woods said...

Good to see you back GA.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


ivan said...

good to see you back GA hope your better.i have just woke up after my nightmare seeing my hometown team hammered 5-1 by our local rivals.i didnt seem that bothered though.the local election seems more important at the minute good luck to the 40 good candidates in birmingham.i was out doing a bit in my native east birmingham yesterday and we had a very good reception.lets hope our people all cramming into the outer wards of brum do get out and vote us.its a shame the council banned putting up the lampost plackards i think they got scared as the vote bnp looks more apealing to the electorate,lets hope we beat the 31,000 votes 2 years ago across the city

LLAMEDOS said...

Apparently the Spar manager reported the hobo collective for loitering and scaring off his regulars.What a SORRY BUNCH.

Anonymous said...

Day of action and meeting in Barnsley

Anti-PC said...

Nice to see you back GA. How was the op?

Fyrdist said...



Have you ever heard anything quite like this?!

These silly little boys and girls are beyond ridicule.

Where on earth do these children get off?

Is the Directorate of the said "RAINBOW ALLIANCE" (sorry I'm really struggling to halt the hilarity!) headed by Rod, Jane, George, Zippy and Bungle?

Jesus wept.

I immensely pity these wretched puerile head-cases.