Thursday, 17 April 2008

Nothing like a bit of pain to slow you down

One method of ending pain permanently but not recommended

In the past when it seems that it would be likely that I would not be posting for a few days, I would usually hunt up a nice little image, give a reason and off I'd go and do what needed to be done.

Not this time. 2100 hours on a Sunday evening, hunting around for someone to slander, vilify or just generally insult when bang. Terrible pain to my stomach and lower abdomen. All thoughts of attacking Boris and Red Ken are driven from my mind. This kind of pain is a new experience to me. I have been blessed with great health - until Sunday 2100 hours that is. Now I know and I must confess I am not a fan of it.

Sleep is out of the question, Monday passes the same way. I drag myself to the laptop and delete all the search alerts that are flooding it. Call quickly into the forum and make Brighton Rock, the forums Global Moderator aware of the situation. Stout fellow. He has the bridge. Limp back to bed.

Tuesday, still in pain but make it to the laptop and do a bit of searching on symptoms. Wished I had not bothered, with luck it is just trapped wind and then the list gets worse and I will not go down that path. Back to bed and now burning up.

Wednesday, I make my mind up. Four days with no real sleep and no food(good way of saving money) makes me realise I must face up to the fact that it might not be trapped wind. I vow to someone who surprisingly appears to care for me, that Thursday(today) I will go to the doctors and discover the facts.

If it is an operation, then so be it. I have a good chance of surving a simple operation but what about my chances of surviving post op? 20,000 people now die of MRSA or similar diseases every year in our third world hospitals. And they want more speed cameras to save another 56 lives a year? Put the cameras in the hospitals and train them on the cleaners.

Thursday 0400, the morning watch. Intense pain and the sweat drenches my body. That is it. No more hoping for the best and being an optimist. This is serious. Then I must have fallen to sleep, the first time in days. I open my eyes and it is 0650. The pain as subsided to just a dull ache. This is good.

I gently ease myself out of bed and limp through to the living area. I really am better. I have weathered this storm just as I weathered the Cape of Good Hope many years before. There is some pain but nothing unbearable. I am ready to get back in the Shieldwall.

Oh and listen up, The Guardian and any other dinosaur rag, that wishes to poke a stick at the Green Arrow Forum, have the decency to include a proper link. And thanks for the extra 647 guests in 24 hours, who read the articles on the forum. I should imagine having the truth presented to them must have been quite a novelty. I am sure some of them will become members.


Anonymous said...

GA,My worries have been justified.
At first i thought maybe a leaflet drop hence no time.
But I had a nagging feeling all was not well.
Take care health must come first.
Avoiding today's hospitals with the infections rife that is today our health-care.

The Duty to Defend The State

Guy Leven-Torres

16th April 2008

Today I am 55 years old. All this week I am lecturing in Orpington upon the Roman Army, even today on my birthday. Yet do I find myself at peace contemplating retirement? An end to a life of struggle and to fading quietly away as an old soldier?

No chance!

On the contrary, I must serve with the eagles for another decade it seems as my land of Britannia faces yet again a threat from across the narrow strait from some demonic monster called the European Empire or Union. Seems like an empire to me and my comrades in Legio IX Hispana. So we must once again don our kit and march forth to confront the barbarians, this time aided and abetted by a nasty cult that treats women and Jews like vermin. Very unRoman-all of it!

Not for us veterans of the Ninth who must do the work of younger men and women who seem not to realise the danger they are in, as they entertain themselves in feasts and games, wining and dining each other as the Republic falls.... The elite seem too, not to realise that for the Republic to be strong it must have good men defend it to the death if needs be. After all it is what made us great and powerful.....

No they feel that 'dialogue' with the monsters is better than facing them in open battle! Appeasement in the face of such evil is sickness that we old soldiers simply cannot entertain and would rather come to face the foe, on a clean green field of war than, cosy up to them....Indeed the very idea of talking and appeasing such an enemy turns our stomachs. The Elite do not speak for us any more. Indeed they are now the enemy, for if you are not with us...You are most certainly against us.

A Briton said something about, 'When good men do nothing, evil thrives!' Yes I think that is a good enough saying. And Evil s certainly in the ascendent now....

Two generations and more of Britannia, have stood and fought to the death for their country and now their effete, soft, decadent descendents give way and are about to lose all that their parents and granparents, indeed all their ancestors fought so hard to maintain and defend! Given away by cowards, intellectuals, hedonists, female men and eunuchs, whose idea of danger is to cut themselves with a razor while shaving the feminine down every morning, upon their woman's faces. Many do not bother at all but would rather wear 'manly' stubble in order to show their 'masculinity' that is no real manhood but the results of indiscipline, lack of self respect and tardiness- their manhood is hollow- a simple ploy and show that will blow away at the first sign of danger as they rush to change ther messed underwear.

No Britannia deserves better than these men-women, these eunuchs with their stubble, skin paintings, shaven heads and foul mouths and disgusting apparel. So it is once again, we older men from a generation that still believes in Right and honour, duty and the need to defend our homes, faith, traditions, wives, mothers and children, the old and sick....

Enjoy your new world if we fail and you then suffer as the children you betrayed by your failure to act when you were called upon, ask why they have to cover from head to toe, cross to the other side of the street when men with huge black beards pass by, or why they have to learn to cast their eyes down when speaking to them too and why it is, they that have to pay jizya or religious tax to practice their minority Christian faith. What will you tell them about the crumbling cities and other remains of a once great civilisation? You will not have an answer will you though-in truth?


Because you betrayed that basic duty and honour, to hand on the land of your birth and its traditions to the next generation. No instead you stole the land and work of older braver men an womem, and squandered it all on cheap entertainment, and foul mouthed drug induced gluttony....Now your children pay the price and theirs for generations to come...And the Game still goes on Judah...It still goes on.......

Can you look yourselves in the face any more?

Think of the those you betrayed by your cowardice? Your gluttony? those of the past and those yet to come!

Perhaps sometimes, on the quiet of a silent night when you emerge from your sex filled drunken stupor you can hear again the tramping feet and bellowed commands of the last legion as it goes off to war once again, its proud old men marching five abreast, shields slung, hands on swords, proud and resolute, on its final campaign....that last proud act as the sun set upon Britannia and the mists of time swallow the ghost of Ninth Hispana..Go on listen....Can you hear the nightingale call? Can you hear the trumpets call to battle order and the loan lament of the horn as the last legion fades away, failed by those who should have been in its ranks?

The golden eagle and banners proudly borne aloft in the morning breeze, a lump in the throat as it goes to meet its fate...

Don't you wish you could say that you had been there to your children?

I intend to! What about you?

bil. said...

Not one for poking fun at someone"s misfortunes G.A.

I thought you had been kidnapped, or forced to comply with orders of the goverment brown shirts m8, look what happened to Lionheart!

So, welcome back m8, there"s no time to die yet, the kettle is just starting to boil and i need my morning laughter with your blogg.

We have them on the run, just the final kick up the arse to see them on their way.So get the two fingers working on that keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better but make sure you ease off a bit and give yourself time to recover properly. It'll benefit you in the long run.

xoggoth said...

Here's a tip. About five years back I was regularly getting really bad pains like that and once when driving home from work it was so bad I had to stop at a layby. For no particular reason I shouted father Jack's slogan from Father Ted ARSE! FEK! GIRLS! and the pain just went. I told it to somebody else and they said it worked too. A miracle! father Jack for canonisation!

The Green Arrow said...

Father Ted. The only comedy series that I have ever bought the full set off. Bit useless now being on VHS but hey I still got thim.

Thanks for reminding me of this great series.

ivan said...

good to see you back arrow ive been down with something strange all week ? with the bnp main site being down,and some good people being taken ill i wonder if the uaf are working in all our local boozers and feeding us their shite in our beer glass's ooohh perish the thought im gonna be sick again.only joking back up and back on duty for may 1st only 2 weeks to go for the big push

ivan said...

arrow/xogotth seriously as a true ulster proddi after reading this the wife has been down stairs in some i called her up to read xogotth's cure.she shouted at the top of her voice,ARSE ! FEK ! GIRLS ! and guess what the pain has gone (serious)i think we should market FEK as B.N.P.bloody no pain.ive held this for 15 minutes and she still says the pain has gone !!!!

The Green Arrow said...

ivan. May the 2nd. Your right. All over Our Country, we true Brits will be celebrating. We should have hired a huge stadium to celebrate in together. Good Luck my brother.

ivan said...

thanks arrow i will be back in business tomorrow.having being on the go for 12 x 5 hours a week through work.this steps up to 13 x 7 for the next two weeks as my dad once said when i was a child "son you will rise,you will not fall one yor day your face will be next to king william on the wall" never forgot those words

xoggoth said...

It really does work! I have no idea why. You have to shout.

najistani said...

Go and report your symptoms and get yourself checked out by your GP.

Go and find out whatever it was. It may (hopefuly) be a one-off. Or it may be the first warning of a health vulnerability. We all get them as we get older and forewarned is forarmed.

In my experience Internet diagnoses are very superficial and your doctor will almost centainly know better.

Best regards