Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Three Stooges Vrs the BNP

David, Boris and Ken. Together they are:- The Three Stooges

Now I was never a fan of the old Three Stooges, a bit too slapstick for my taste. But their replacements are much funnier.

I mean Red Ken, the newt man of Londonistan is a class act on his own. But team him up with Basher Boris (or GBH as he is known to some ex friends) and Dhimmi David Cameron and you have a real barrel of laughs.

First Ken comes out with the lead in line:
I hate and despise everything the BNP stand for as against every value of London as a great multiethnic tolerant and diverse city."
And then on queue, in barges Boris with his:
"I utterly and unreservedly condemn the BNP and have no desire whatsoever to receive a single second preference vote from a BNP supporter."
Then, squeaking over the Young Turks beefy shoulder, Dhimmi David childishly pipes in with:
"I think the BNP are a despicable bunch of thugs and I hope nobody votes for them and I don't want anyone who votes BNP to vote Conservative as their second preference,"
And not one of them has said why they hate the BNP with so much venom. Is it because they were frightened by a BNP activist delivering leaflets when they were children? Or could it be something a little bit more serious.

Would it have anything to do with the fact that they know the British National Party WILL investigate all their dealings since all three of them entered politics or rather dived into the public purse and started to gorge themselves on rate and taxpayers money. Could that be the real reason?

Come on all you die hard loyalists of the Lib/Lab/con pact. Surely by now you must see that those political parties that you, I and many others supported are now dead. Replaced by just one party with one aim but three faces to create an illusion of democracy. The Lib/Lab/con pact is nothing more than The Destroy the United Kingdom Party. Wake up.

Loyalty is a much admired trait but do not let it deprive you of your job, your home and your country. Now up of your knees and start supporting and voting British National Party.


Anonymous said...

The Three Faces of Socialist Man

Peter. said...

Any of the "three stooges" would sell their Gran for a quid. By the way Cameron I want the TV licence money back that you claimed off your second home.

Boy, what a stooge he is !

defender said...

And not one of them has said why they hate the BNP with so much venom. Is it because they were frightened by a BNP activist delivering leaflets when they were children? Or could it be something a little bit more serious.

Has FABIANISM got anything to do with it?
Common Purpose
Chatham House
The Anti Facist league
The top elitist of the liblabcon.
Fabianism seems to be the glue that sticks them to the same basic Phylosophy.
To fight you need to know your enemy.

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Anonymous said...

They all seem to hate the BNP, so it follows that with the massive support the BNP are gaining from the indigenous population, then they obviously hate them too. Chasing the immigrant vote?, arent they despicable.

Anonymous said...

Suicide of the West
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Sat, 2008-04-05 16:07
From a comment at the Gates of Vienna website, 4 April 2008

Why is no other solution ever ever discussed? Like discouraging frivolous abortions and lowering taxes so young people can afford to have families. Right now there’s a ludicrous situation that a young married couple is supporting someone else’s granny with their exorbitant taxes instead of being allowed to keep the money to have their own child!

And of course there’s the point that has been made many times on this site, that Mexicans are allowed to keep Mexico Mexican, Africans are allowed to favor blacks, China and Japan to keep their countries exclusively for their own race, but every country founded by European whites must import dissimilar immigrants to prove their non-racism to the point that they become minorities in their own lands. This is required of no one else. […]

The third world can and will overwhelm the European established countries with the connivance of leftists for whom racism is the unwillingness to commit cultural suicide.

The least racist cultures are being replaced by more racist cultures. In the coming world after Pax Americana has been destroyed, African blacks for example, can forget about any aid from the Chinese except arms with which to kill each other and to Muslims, they’re worthy only to be slaves.

Our government and politrickians would rather pay out for HIV AIDS patiens from across the world to be treated by our taxes.
Support the moslem hoards to have four wives and loads of colonisers.
send thousands abroad to support foreign kids.
billions to the eu who in turn support arabs.
give a few thousand to make criminals bugger off back out of the country.
Anything at all infact that prevents Britons from breeding their own.

defender said...

Dispcable is not the word. Try dedicated.
They have had setbacks over the decades. This past decade they have made massive advances thanks in great part to T Blair.
The fact of a few BNP MP will not slow them one bit.
We have a very serious situation which will require more than a political solution.
The main thing to get your heads around is that we the people are not aware of what is really going on. we need to understand that this is a fight which could descend into a civil war here and perhaps a wider war.
Freedom is not free. We will find out what that means real soon.

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Anonymous said...

want a giggle?
at the side of each a photo of said numptie,

At Last the TRUTH about the "people" in the pubic eye
Faye Turncoat
AKA :Cash 4 Cowardice
QUOTE: "Being a coward doesn't make me a bad mother"
HISTORY: Single mother who selflessly abandoned her child to follow the fleet.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Fought to the last round (of sandwiches) before surrendering to the iranians.
Thwarted her captors aims by complying with their every request.
Made the whole nation proud.
HOBBIES: eating and betraying her country.
HANGOUTS: Anywhere with plenty of seamen
HIM says: How long before she leaves the Navy with a big fat payoff (probably for stress) and becomes the BBC expert on naval affairs
David Milipede
AKA :Mandelsons bed warmer
QUOTE: "It wasn't me sir. A big boy did it."
HISTORY: Got lost on a school trip to parliament and was given a government post

ACHIEVEMENTS: Looks like a child, thinks like a child, talks crap just like a child.
David will be 14 next birthday
His right arm is much stronger than his left and he wears glasses for a reason
HOBBIES: Being a swot, He is a Sixer in the Cub Scouts.
HANGOUTS: The Tuck shop
Charles de Gaulle
AKA :That bloke in the cellar
QUOTE: "Run Away Run Away"
HISTORY: Coward. Naturally he's a national hero in france

ACHIEVEMENTS: Hid in a cellar in London for the entire course of world war 2
Looks like a homo in that outfit

HOBBIES: hiding from germans, retreating, pretending to be a soldier and shrugging
HANGOUTS: Several hundred miles behind the front line.
Jeremy Pelczer
AKA :Das Wasser Fuhrer
QUOTE: "All your water are belong to me"
HISTORY: Rent boy turned international business man, no real change there then

ACHIEVEMENTS: Invaded Poland, cut off the little Dutch boys finger,
Has grown a maginificent wart on his nose

HOBBIES: Flooding London streets, rallying in Nuremberg, banning hosepipes
HANGOUTS: Berchtesgaden
Nasser Hussein
AKA :Captain Crap
QUOTE: "I really wanted to play for India but I wasn't good enough"
HISTORY: crap cricketer, turned crap captain, turned crap commentator

ACHIEVEMENTS: Couldn't do it as a player so doesn't like those who can

HOBBIES: Making snide comments about good cricketers
HANGOUTS: Anywhere that he can get in without paying
Margaret Beckett
AKA :The Ugliest Hobo
QUOTE: "No I am not sucking a lemon, I always look like this"
HISTORY: Educated in Norwich which explains a lot

ACHIEVEMENTS: Holds world record for taking ugly pills
Makes Cherie Blair look human

HOBBIES: Uglying up the place and caravaning (no, really she is a government minister and she still goes on holiday in a caravan)
HANGOUTS: Anywhere dark

Janathan "knob" Woss


Charles Clarke
AKA :The Fattest Hobo
QUOTE: "Can ya spare 50p for a cuppa tea guv?"
HISTORY: Wino pulled off a park bench to replace Blunkett as Home Secretary

ACHIEVEMENTS: Continued Labours policy of flooding the country with foreign criminals
Currently campaigning to make looking scruffy an olympic event
Can make a complete set of bedding out of a single newspaper

HOBBIES: Begging, drinking Brasso, falling over.
HANGOUTS: park benches, shop doorways, police cells

Jack Straw
AKA :The Foreign Office Flasher
QUOTE: "Look at this ladies, would you like to touch it?"
HISTORY: Mild mannered pervert turned public menace

ACHIEVEMENTS: First government minister to be put on the sex offenders register
Currently campaigning to have maggot trotting made an Olympic event
Tried to sue the makers of the film Flah Gordon under the trade descriptions act

HOBBIES: Frightening children, perving, foreign travel
HANGOUTS: School playgrounds, public toilets, behind the bushes in the park

QUOTE: "We don't like people"
HISTORY:Noble ideals gone off the rails

WHERE IT WENT WRONG: They'd rather prosecute a person than save an animal
Allied to the A.L.F.
Don't really care about looking after animals anymore

FUNDING:Your donations buy the Marketing Director a better BMW
SHAME:Has been convicted of Perverting the course of justice

Tessa Jowell
AKA :Downing Street Barbie
QUOTE: "I have never met David Mills"
HISTORY:Social worker turned corrupt politician

ACHIEVEMENTS: Too ugly to be a bimbo, she became an airhead instead
She has more blonde moments than Pamela Anderson
Thinks the National Lottery is high culture

HOBBIES:Playing with her Barbie dolls. Dreaming of marrying Ken
HANGOUTS:Silvio Berlusconis pad
Ken Livingstone
AKA : Osama bin Livingstone
QUOTE: "Gas them all."
HISTORY: Champaign socialist

ACHIEVEMENTS: Elected as Hammas Jew Hater General in 1997.
Curently campaigning to replace St. Pauls Cathederal with a mosque.
Installed CCTV all over London so he can watch those scheming Jews 24-7

HOBBIES: Keeping newts, no really he does. Aparently he feels most
at home with other pond life
HANGOUTS: Londonistan
AKA : Death Rodent of the Apocalypse
QUOTE: "Are you lookin at me?"
HISTORY: Unknown

ACHIEVEMENTS: Caused the 2005 Indonesian tsunami.
Started world war 2
Persuaded Blair to take up politics.

HOBBIES: Apocalypse bringing, war crimes, harvesting souls and macrame
HANGOUTS: 7th Circle of Hell
Robert Mugabe
AKA - That nice man from Africa
QUOTE: "I love all you white folks"
HISTORY: Happy go lucky chilrens entertainer who became the president of Rhodesia

ACHIEVEMENTS: The most popular Play School presenter ever.
Hasn't been assasinated yet
Turned prosperous Rhodesia into a total dump

HOBBIES: Genocide, race hate killing and synchronized swimming
HANGOUTS: some place called zimbabwe
Diana Princess of Whales
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QUOTE: "I love Paris at night, let's go for a drive."
HISTORY: Posh Totty


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Brian Paddick
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Legally became a woman in 1998
Campaigned, unsuccesfuly to have mincing made an olympic event

HOBBIES: Bum banditry, "inducting" new recruits and cruelty to hamsters
HANGOUTS: that London
Tony Blair
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HISTORY: rich brat, lost his bollocks in a knitting accident aged 22

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Can tell his arse from his elbow 25% of the time
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HANGOUTS: Any rich persons holiday villa will do
Peter Hain
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Can tell the difference between Stork and butter
Can talk and fart at the same time, sometimes.

HOBBIES: Uphill gardening with his irish friends Gerry and Martin
HANGOUTS: Tammys Tanning Salon and massage parlour, London, SW2>
Alistair Campbell
AKA - Porn Ali
QUOTE: "The prime minister is a gay gangster."
HISTORY: Former porno author, ex-alcoholic, mothered by a frog, fathered by a slug

ACHIEVEMENTS: Alistair is the most highly evolved form of pond life
Made himself famous
Can lie out of his mouth and his arse at the same time

HOBBIES: Looking smug
HANGOUTS: Under a stone somewhere
NOTE: Rumoured to have fathered at least one of Blairs children

Aberdeen Patriot said...

It's a clear us versus them, anti British V British we want our country back, they are all in the same pro european and British camp. I will not allow Britain to become a Muslim foreign hell-hole.

Anonymous said...



The sins of the few shall be visited on the many

Old Tom does not come to the pub any more. For seventy five years his one great treat was to sit quietly in the corner and enjoy a harmless pipe of tobacco and a pint of ale in the inscribed silver tankard that the regulars gave him to mark his ninetieth birthday. Now the zealots have banned his pipe and taxed his pint out of reach. He does not understand why. When there is a cheap wine or spirits offer in the local co-op, it is the old-age pensioners who form the queue, striving to restore a little colour in their bleak existence. Yet the zealots urge the raising of alcohol taxes and the banning of special offers.

The excuse is the existence of bands of drunken youths in town centres. The bans are called for by those who are often the very people who were responsible for creating the problem of alienated feral youth in the first place, by such policies as the destruction of discipline in schools and undermining the institution of marriage. Alcohol is not the cause: it is just one means by which the disaffected young express their defiance. There are a few more fat people around, so the whole population has to be harangued into an anorexic conformity.

The big one

The common factors in these campaigns of zealotry are:

Creation and maintenance of a myth
Ignoring all evidence countering the myth
Ad hominem attacks on opponents
Encouraging authoritarian governments to impose taxes and reduce individual freedom
Promotion of limits and constraints that are simply invented without reason
Collusion by the establishment media
Damage to science and its methods
Elimination of things that make life bearable
Making some people very rich while impoverishing the lives of almost everyone else.

They will not be satisfied until they have you shivering in a cave, sipping thin gruel.

The greatest of these movements, rich in all the above characteristics, is the eco-theological one, which has morphed into the anti-carbon crusade. It is a world-wide phenomenon of historically unprecedented magnitude and power. The demonisation of carbon, the very basis of all life on earth, can only be explained as a religious phenomenon. Its sheer perversity is its attraction: for faith requires an element of absurdity in its object. It requires no faith to believe that the apple will fall downwards from the tree. The carbon campaign is the pinnacle of the movement that began modestly with the earliest impositions of political correctness.

When the world thought that the New Right was in the ascendancy during the Reagan-Thatcher years, it was the New Left that was quietly gathering momentum. Like a snowball rolling down a hill it picked up mass as it went along. The membership was many and various (followers of Rachel Carson, Marxist academics, draft-dodgers, sputniks left homeless by the collapse of the Soviet Empire, idealistic youth etc.) They were characterised by the things that they hated (industry, capitalism, free markets, bourgeois complacency, open science etc.)

A significant development was the evolution of the concept of political correctness. As had been foreseen by Orwell, the control of language was the key to political power:

Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.

It began to be applied rigorously in American universities and as it spread it came to be applied not just to vocabulary but to hypotheses (such as global warming) and objects (such as salt tablets). It became the means by which even the discussion of anything distasteful to the New Left was verboten. As the establishment media were penetrated and taken over, a rigorous, voluntary self-censorship was imposed.

The global warming hypothesis was a godsend to the New Left. It provided a means of attacking industry and capitalism through the one great essential to modern life, energy. Anyone who questioned the dogma was subject to insults and threats, including the appalling crudity and tastelessness of being likened to the holocaust deniers. All realistic proposals to develop workable sources of energy are bitterly opposed by the green network, while patently stupid ones, such as wind turbines, are sustained by regulation and subsidy, with the added bonus of bringing down the free market. There are related areas of activity, such as biofuels, which not only threaten the world with greenflation but also starvation.

Above it all towers the figure of Al Gore, hyper-hypocrite and monster of monetary concupiscence. If just occasionally he turned up on a bike rather than his private jet (or waived the six figure fee for his repetitious diatribes, or engaged in debate rather than diktat) he might entertain some credibility among the reasoning few. It is, however, in the nature of the faithful that they turn a blind eye to the defects of their demagogues. Perhaps the one fact that restores one's faith in humanity is that the blanket coverage of the propaganda has failed to stir a majority of the populace, though in the new age majorities have no power.

Global warming has now got to the stage where it is only maintained by media self-censorship. If the general public ever got to know of the scandals surrounding the collection and processing of data, or that there has been no detectable warming for the last decade, the whole movement would be dead in the water; but they don’t, so it isn’t. It has become the most powerful myth in human history, sending much of the world into a downward helix of economic decline. It is a tenuous hypothesis supported by ill-found computer models and data from botched measurement, dubiously processed.


After the above was finished and ready for posting, it was time for a pub break. The popular, recently-retired barmaid, Andrea, offered a remark that seemed to sum it all up: “We used to have such fun. Why isn’t there any fun anymore?”

Welcome, Andrea, to the world of the zealot.

John Brignell
March 2008


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Anonymous said...

Three Stooges for Mayor.

Ken Livingstone has secret children.