Friday, 4 April 2008

Global Warming, The Big Con

No arguing with evidence like the above.

VFRider posted the following over on the Green Arrow Forum. I found it very interesting and thought that I should post it over here as it made me think and go do some research.

Esteemed scientists now believe that the global warming phenomenon is now an over exaggerated myth, in an attempt by western governments to exert more control over their people.

Global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which occurs every few thousand years. Part of the reason quite why this happens, is explained below.

The Earth spins on an axis as we all know. Every so often, this axis 'wobbles' much the same as a child's spinning top wobbles from side to side while spinning.

This 'wobble' is stretched out over a period of many, maybe hundreds of years. And every so often, the Earth, on its axis, leans further towards the sun, thus the temperature of the earth rises slightly.

The gravitational pull which causes the Earth to 'wobble' on its axis, is generated by the Moon, as it circles the Earth.

Although the Moon itself does not rotate lke the Earth, it only circles the Earth.

This sort of explains the sudden rise in skin cancer a few years back. Authorities said at the time, it was due to a hole in the ozone layer. But we very rarely hear about the hole now? Another myth perhaps?

Nobody disputes that the hole did or does exist. But it seems that there is doubt over the theory that it was the cause of most skin cancers and such like.

You never hear it mentioned these days. Just another attempt by the 'New World Order' to screw more money out of us in taxes is my guess.

And when it comes to the melting of the Icebergs causing the sea level to rise dramatically. We all know that most of the iceberg's mass is already under water. And it seems doubtful to me that a 1 degree rise in sea temperature, will cause the sea to expand so much, that sea levels will rise by 10 feet.

It would takes much more than 1 degree to make the actual mass of water expand significantly, surely.
Conduct the experiment for yourself with a pan of water on the stove. Stand a ruler in it, and a thermometer, and see how much it rises as it heats up. Water can only LOSE mass as it heats, by the formation of steam or vapour when the water starts to simmer.

Water may rise a little as it starts to heat. But it will take more than 1 degree to make any real difference. So in my oppinion, this refutes the global warming MYTH, and the over exaggerated rise in sea levels.

Ok thanks for that VFRider. I'll take your word for it and skip the pan of water experiment. But that was interesting information. Readers, might like to check this link out, where there are some interesting facts and thoughts on the con that is Global Warming.


Anonymous said...

You're right GA,it certainly is a con.It is another weapon used by the marxists to further pile guilt onto the west. A guilt which of course must be attoned for by re-distributing wealth to those nations deemed innocent.

Except the science doesn't support their devious little game and here is an great explanation of the facts involved in plain language:

Note how they have deiberately lied and misrepresented facts - where have we seen that before?

AGW = Hoax.

But at least Al Gore will make millions out it so it's not all bad eh?


Anonymous said...

Someone and something has to fund the NWO what better than climate change which is used to scare and make western people feel guilty for all the ill's of the third world, add to this all the new taxes this lie can generate and bingo killed two birds with one stone!
What these liars forget to mention is that temps were 10 degrees higher than now between around 1750 to 1850.
Just another case of make the lie big and keep repeating it!
Radio 4 PM programme yesterday went on and on about some country where farmers are not growing rice instead are planting trees to help with reducing global warming.
I e-mailed this stupid programme asking what good comes from moving a tree from where it's already growing to a new area and when one farmer complained that his trees had died who the hell is going to feed him and his family as trees don't make good soup.
The left have gone completely and utterly insane!
I won't forget the words of a female Russian scientist over here at a Northern university when she said " Any opposing views are just ignored on climate change" that her work had been disregarded out of hand.
This ties in with the super rich issue.
Luxury cars costing over a million that seemed to run like jets are still being made infact a three year waiting list is in action.
Private jets bought for convenience for the use of one family.
Where i live there is a new warehouse belonging to DFS every day the Helicopter flies in with the boss on board.
Were GW genuine all the above would be outlawed together with flights used for jollies.
Anyone with half a brain can see through this scam!
Fact this has been one of the coldest winters on record across the world.
Heavy snows in the USA,CANADA,TURKEY even saw some freeze to death.
Mention immigration you are a racist.
isbelieve GW you are irresponsible and selfishly uncaring.
Just more FASCISM closing down debate on any subject the left want the sheep to follow mildly.
Climate change is normal when not one human roamed the earth the climate changed, are they now trying to convince us that the animals farted too much causing the changes back then?

What i fine sad are the idiots that believe it all!!

Anonymous said...

Of course its a con, organised crime went legal in the 1970's, as they realised it was easier to extort money from people who had to have insurance, fuel, heating etc. It was also found that the best way to sell increasingly unpalatable taxation was through giving the punters guilt (global warming) and a need to feel they were paying for something worthwhile (green taxation). It ashames me sometimes that the human race is so bloody gullible, especially those allegedly intellectual green lefty types who may well be able to recite some nonsense gained at "Uni", but cant see when they are being conned in such an open way. If I was a little green man coming to earth looking for intelligent life, I think I'd turn round and go home.

Red Squirrel said...

I remember when the global warming scare stories were vigourously adopted by the Open University. I regularly watched these bradcasts one of which was particularly interesting.
A group of 'Highly Learned, Serious Doublethinkers'(All of whom were White) Declared that "As a result of global warming, the future of the world was Black"???

British Patriot said...

It's a Tax con, If the Govt were really interested in our environment it would REDUCE the Population, that would reduce emmisions, reduce road congestion, reduce NHS and welfare overstretch, reduce crime and Prison overcrowding Nuff said I think, these Lying Politicians cant even put a decent lie together, Mass Immigration is simply to divide and conqEUr the British People and they do not care about the consequences.
They are all Traitors,

Heath should be dug up and hung.