Sunday, 27 April 2008

Enemies of the People - Day 2 (the Lib Dems)

(Contributed by a Green Arrow Forum member)

Because of their crimes, and the consequent crime against the people, these crooks and degenerates that lurk in the corridors of power are here exposed for what they are.

For the benefit of the people these criminals (and the corrupt mainstream parties that shelter them) need to be immediately removed from power. Think about it: you would obviously not be happy with criminals being school governors at the school your child went to -so why does the British electorate insist on appointing to power villains and reprobates that are clearly untrustworthy?

Seemingly, the British electorate are architects of their own demise. By voting for parties who have criminals in their ranks British voters bring upon themselves hardship and injustice that comes from the laws, edicts and declarations issued by scoundrels. However, the British electorate could be forgiven for not knowing of these criminals in power. But now there is no excuse because we have brought you hard evidence and undeniable truth of the type of slime running YOUR country and ‘managing’ YOUR lives.

Here we shall focus only on MPs and Lords -those at the top of public office. For the other HUNDREDS of CRIMINAL councillors from the LABOUR, LIB-DEM and TORY parties then please visit:

Here are the crimes of the Liberal Democrats:

Lib-Dem MP (Winchester/Hampshire) Mark Oaten –Resigned in disgrace from his front bench position as the party’s Home Affairs spokesman in 2006 after he was exposed as having paid rent boys for homosexual sex in threesomes. The scandal broke when one of the rent boys sold his story to the News of the World after recognising the Lib-Dem high-flyer on television during Oaten’s bid to become party leader. Married father of two Mr Oaten paid his male whores to subject him to “degradation and humiliation” involving acts considered “too disgusting” to describe in the News of the World.

A SHAMED former West Yorkshire councillor has been spared jailed despite being convicted of trying to rip off Kirklees Council by fraud. Ex-Heckmondwike Liberal Democrat councillor Tabasum Aslam was in 2007 convicted by a jury on four charges of dishonestly producing a false document to obtain benefits. But a judge yesterday ruled out a prison sentence as the loss of his "good name and character" were punishment enough.

Lib-Dem Parliamentary candidate (Burnley), Paul Wright –Charged with drunken assault on his `lodger`. Wright sobbed like a baby during the court case, and the case is to be re-listed and heard again after the jury failed to reach a verdict

Lib-Dem Councillor (Sheffield) Trevor Morgan –Convicted and jailed for 9 months for unlawful wounding/dangerous driving. After attacking an elderly woman's Golden retriever dog by throwing pepper in its face he then seriously injured the dog's owner –57-year-old Barbara Johnson with his car as she tried to stop him escaping.

Michael Angell, 61, who sat on Malvern Hills District Council for the Liberal Democrats, was given a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years. Sentencing him, Judge David McEvoy said part of his punishment was being exposed as "a dirty old man". The grandfather, of King Edward's Road, Malvern, was fined £2,500 in total. He was convicted of 11 counts of making indecent images of children and one of possessing indecent photographs. A fine of £2,500: British justice?

A councillor been sent to jail for five years after molesting two 11 year-old girls while he was a school governor. Disgusting Bob Hargreaves, who was elected to Bradford Metropolitan District Council in 2004, was given five years in jail. Bradford Crown Court convicted Hargreaves of eight charges of molesting two 11-year-old girls, including one of attempted rape. Hargreaves, who represents Bolton and Undercliffe for the Liberal Democrats, will now lose his place on the council. All the attacks took place in the 1990s.

Lib-Dem Councillor (Stockport) Neil Derbyshire – Sexually assaulted a 16 year-old boy in a public toilet in 2003 then offered the teenager £30 to submit to sex acts with him. The boy agreed to meet the filthy Lib-Dem beast in the same place the next day, before telling his mother, who then informed the police, who then lay in wait to arrest Derbyshire the next day, as he turned up for his `date` with a plastic bag containing lubricant, plastic surgical gloves, a condom, and underpants. In court the councillor pleaded guilty to indecent assault and attempting to procure an act of gross indecency. Sentenced to a 3-year rehabilitation order and placed on the sex offenders register.

Lib-Dem Councillor (Laurence Hill/Bristol) John Astley –Convicted and jailed for 19 months in 2004 for downloading child pornography, electoral fraud, and drugs offences. Astley had downloaded over 5,500 pictures from the very worst categories of child porn for his enjoyment, including the sado-masochistic torture of children, and other things which are quite simply too sick to be described here. Astley was also arrested for throwing bricks at houses displaying window posters for other political parties.

Lib-Dem Councillor (Leicestershire) Frank Beck –Received a total of 5 life sentences in 1991 after being convicted on 17 counts of indecent assault, buggery, rape, and actual bodily harm. Beck was the ringleader of an organised paedophile ring operating within children's care homes in the Leicestershire area. Although never proven, it was alleged at the time that Beck was also involved in the murder of children and the production of `snuff` movies (films that depict the actual killing of a human).

More enemies of the people will be posted tomorrow

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if these clowns if got into power, the first thing they would do is lower the age of concent (for males). The 2nd thing would be to legalise drugs.
They really are a bunch of sick perverts.

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