Friday, 4 April 2008

Searchlight, FBU, John McDonnell MP and the BNP

Karl Marx once allowed his head to be used as an extra in the film Zardoz

There I was wandering around the web, as you do, when I landed on the site of the London Branch of the New Communist Party of Britain.

Well there is nothing new about communism. It still, actively and violently, campaigns for a one world government and does not mind spilling a bit of blood along the way. At the last count 65,000,000 people have died as a result of having their chains replaced with a bullet in the back of the head.

Well the reds have just had a bit of a knees up at the Offside Bar in Islington. All the usual suspects were there having a freebie at their members and taxpayers expense. The Marxist dominated Fire Brigades Union, along with Searchlight were the sponsors and the guest of of honour was Billy Bragg who had all got together to sniff some snow and have a pop at the ever popular British National Party.

Billy, who lived in Barking just long enough to buy a ticket out, joined the White Flight Express to somewhere safer out in the Country a long time ago, was the guest of honour and accepted a cheque for £2000 from the FBU to help him buy guitars for the criminals currently crowding our prisons. I notice Billy never puts his hand in his pocket.

You can read the rest of their rubbish for yourself. They are rattling on about how they are having a Dopes don't Rate concert at which such famous young role models as Babyshambles will be performing will save the world. But go read it and then come back.

No, what really caught my interest was their splurge here:
The NCP is affiliated to the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) which is chaired by John McDonnell MP and is a coalition of Labour party members and trade unionists who are fighting for socialism in the Labour party.

Membership is open to members of the Labour party or of no party at all. To join or find out more information, please visit the LRC's website at The London LRC email group helps to plan local meetings and activities;inform members of interesting upcoming events, and discusses the political situation.
Interesting. Now I knew that the Labour Party was riddled with reds of all shades, but I did not know that their members were also allowed to be members of another political party. Especially one as extreme as The New Communist Party.

So lets go have a look at who John McDonnell MP actually is. Well like all immigrants, John is happy to take the money of the host country that feeds him, whilst working to destroy it. Back last year he trousered almost a quarter of a million of taxpayers money in expenses and Salary.

But I wonder if any of those who voted for him in his constituency of Hayes and Harlington, where he enjoys a majority of 10,000 knows anything of his past?

In May 2003 he praised the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), saying, "It's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA".

He later said that the "deaths of innocent civilians in IRA attacks is a real tragedy, but it was as a result of British occupation in Ireland. Because of the bravery of the IRA and people like Bobby Sands we now have a peace process."
Communists are a bit like cooks. Cooks do not care about breaking eggs in making omelets and communists do not care about how many people die so long as the end justifies the means.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

So when the true British people are reduced to having to fight to regain our country and have to use what ever tactic is needed, due to desperation, I hope that John McDonnell MP will be supportive of them since he openly supports the murdering, bombers of the IRA.

Not that the British people would sink so low as to bomb and shoot innocent people. The British fight Army V Army toe to toe as we are not the cowards that thei low life MP supports. He has no right to be in the British parliment vwith his views. Another one for traitors gate.. Now I am starting to understand why the Labour party are so fond of the Muslims as there killing of the innocent tactics is right out of the IRA, and by default Labour supporting MP's manual.

Brill post green and hopefully this will make the main BNP website, and will be well aired before the GLA...

Anonymous said...