Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cultural Marxism

1. Cultural Marxism is a means not an end. The aim is to destroy the obstacles to marxist ideology: national, cultural and religious. Zanu Labour's sucking up to the city or other such activities isn't relevant. The critical long-term areas are immigration, education and filling an octopus of quangos with their own people.

2. Labour turned into Zanu Labour from the early 80s onwards. The change occurred at the local level and much more in the south than the north/Scotland. That's what the SDP was all about.

3. It's not a monolith. It's still more Old Labour in the north and Scotland while the south is pure Gramsci. Labour party membership has crumbled because the normal people left. Most labour voters would be shocked if they heard how their councillors talk in private. Most of them can't say the word "England" without sneering.

4. Blair was all ego, Brown is more Old labour, but they are sitting on top of what has become a new age Communist party. They have to feed the party while trying to remain in power. Think of it as a circus act where someone is trying to ride two horses at once.

5. The cultural marxists are relatively few in number. Their inluence has been so huge because they colonized the areas where a small minority could wield the most influence: politics, the media and education.

6. The ideologies spawned by the cultural marxists have been taken on board by a much larger number of hippy dippy liberal types who genuinely believe that creating Yugoslavia in England won't lead to a Yugoslavian outcome.

7. They're incompetent as well but destroying things is easy, even for incompetents.

8. They could never have got away with any of this if it wasn't for the help of the BBC.

9. They could never have got away with it if there wasn't also a concurrent movement for globalization and transnational government which is also in favour of mass immigration.

10. The underlying reality is more psychological than political. Modern Marxists/Globalizers/Transnationalists are people who think they should have born the "Emperors of the Universe" and seek to rectify that mistake. They choose their respective ideologies as vehicles for that psychology depending on personal circumstances.

Mr Jones.


Anonymous said...

We had all better wake up quicker than ever before, this country is in far more danger than ever it was when Germany re-armed herself.
Waiting? waiting for what more of the same untill our brains are completely cooked untill our masters that unleashed this evil upon us gain even more power over us all?
The Britsh armed forces should be brought back in to help us deal with this treachory at once!
Warnings eventually will cease at that point we have lost.

Many years ago when Karl Marx was wondering what social conditions would be best suited to bring about his revolution, he suddenly realised that they were already in existence. Poor working conditions, long hours, poor pay and poor diet etc. should have triggered a workers revolt, but nothing was happening. This puzzled his ilk for decades, but then one Antonio Gramsci solved the riddle. The workers were, for all the harshness of their lives, very family orientated, very Christian and very patriotic - which bound them into strong, decent, moral and law-abiding communities. So, having realised that in order to change it, you have to break it, these were the things that had to be undermined and broken down. This was to be achieved by ‘cultural hegemony’. Cultural hegemony is a way of forcing people to keep their mouths shut and their heads down by creating an atmosphere whereby everything you instinctively feel is right becomes off-limits in conversation. The aim is to target the key group (in this example, THE WHITE WORKING CLASS MAN) and put him in a ‘psychic iron cage’. In this way he’ll be forced to keep his views to himself and not speak out against any injustice foisted upon him.

This technique was refined by the Frankfurt School (which had fled Nazi Germany to set up shop in the USA), and became known as Cultural Marxism. But that term is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it, so the term was changed to Political Correctness - and it kick-started the ‘hippy’ era (‘make love, not war’ was a slogan invented by Henry Marcuse). Those teenagers who were swept up in it all back then, are now the ‘forty and fifty-somethings’ in charge of us today. Some of you may remember the Coca-Cola advert from years ago when people from around the world wanted ‘to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’ - well, the dolts in charge of us today believed it was possible. A nice thought, but hardly practicable.

The name may have changed, but the technique’s the same. Political Correctness has but one primary purpose; to end debate before it starts. To criticise immigration makes you an instant racist - so best you don’t criticise it. To criticise an all-female candidate list makes you a sexist - so best you don’t criticise it. To criticise fanatical Islam makes you an Islamaphobe - so you’d best keep your mouth shut about that too! In this way you remain trapped in your ‘psychic iron cage’. Get the picture? You won’t get promoted at work if you fall foul of their ‘equality in the workplace’ legislation - so just keep your mouth shut, and question nothing your political masters do.

So, has Britain ‘gone wrong’? Is the mess and chaos we’ve descended into nothing more than social evolution? The answer depends on your political views. Political correctness and multiculturalism have been a disaster for the indigenous white working classes, but then they were never meant to be anything else. What is a disaster for us, is a plan working exactly as it was designed to work by the political Marxist elite. The whole point of it was to break us asunder and crack our resistance. Non-white immigration, or any other immigration for that matter, wasn’t encouraged for the betterment of Britain, it was encouraged for the betterment of International Marxism - or Globalisation, as its engineers prefer to call it. And the fact that the movement has since been hi-jacked by the ‘Corporates’ behind the ‘left’s’ back is of no consolation to us - it’s as damaging no matter who’s now running the show!

Whom it is running it. should worry us all I have my own theories!

defender said...

" General rebellions and revolts of a whole people never were encouraged, now or at any time. They are always provoked.
- Edmund Burke "

Anonymous said...

Outstanding analysis.

Zanu Labour's incompetence has been covered by Chinese Communists producing goods with the 'china price'. Zanu Labour has thus been able to concentrate on remodelling Britain and cultural matters.