Saturday, 12 April 2008

8-year-old girl asks for divorce in court

Nojoud Muhammed Nasser

Thought that might grab your attention. It certainly grabbed mine when I was doing my morning round and checking out the Yemen Times to see what was happening in that part of Islamic Hell.

It seems that an 8 year old child took it upon herself to disobey the orders of her father and approached the authorities in Yemen and demand a divorce for after accusing her husband of sexual and domestic abuse. What courage this child displayed.
“My father beat me and told me that I must marry this man, and if I did not, I would be raped and no law and no sheikh in this country would help me. I refused but I couldn’t stop the marriage,”
Yemen Law was amended in 1998 to allow marriage to children even if they are below the previous age limit of 15 and sex may take place with a female child, when the husband decides that she is ready or mature enough. Well the child Nojoud was raped and then she was married as her father had threatened.
He used to do bad things to me, and I had no idea as to what a marriage is. I would run from one room to another in order to escape, but in the end he would catch me and beat me and then continued to do what he wanted. I cried so much but no one listened to me. One day I ran away from him and came to the court and talked to them.”

Whenever I wanted to play in the yard he beat me and asked me to go to the bedroom with him. This lasted for two months," added Nojoud. "He was too tough with me, and whenever I asked him for mercy, he beat me and slapped me and then used me"
However, Nojoud cannot prosecute because she is under-age but court judge Muhammed Al-Qathi(and in all fairness an obviously decent man) heard her complaint and ordered the arrests of her father and husband. The father was later released and will face no charges but the little girls husband is in jail whilst the case is being investigated. However he said from his cell:
“Yes I was intimate with her, but I have done nothing wrong, as she is my wife and I have the right and no one can stop me,"
You see the whole problem is, that Moslems live their lives as closely as possible to those of their dead Cult Leader. And if Mohammad the Madman can marry a six year old, then so can they. Mohammad however did at least wait until his "wife" was nine before taking her to bed. Interesting article here on Incest in Islam and how the sick old goat created his "Have any woman I like" Card.


Anonymous said...

This was a part of islam that when Nick Griffin brought it up he was lambasted by every lefty with a mouth.
Moslems are following their prophet mohammed in that way making young girls in the West facing the danger of sexual abuse.
We don't have to look very far either in England to see the same thing young girls in their early teens abused by much older moslem men.
i often wonder where the common sense of our politicians has gone after all why knowingly allow into a country such an evil ideology that places our young in peril?

Anonymous said...

Very apt in a way to the story on the front.
The real problems our politicians either through fear or stupidity or sheer neglect refuse to aknowledge.
Although ours don't even see the battles let alone the wars!
Hizb-ut-tahrir mentioned are employed in our home and foreign office.
Excuse me having concerns. but this article clearly states what their intentions are!
These HUT are not your backward peasants but highly educated professionals lawyers doctors and the like.
Labour is made up of postmen failed teachers union men and a spattering of solicitors.
Does not inspire confidence in me!

Weekly Think Piece
The Shaping of the Battlefield Progresses
We can add Zanzibar to the recapture and advancement of the growing Islamic empire of the coming Caliphate.

Hizb ut Tahrir, a pan-Islamic group banned in several countries, has launched a new campaign in politically volatile Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. The new campaign began when the group put up a series of posters overnight on Monday on the main island of the semi-autonomous Indian Ocean archipelago. The posters read simply 'The Solution is Khilaffa'. The slogan refers to the group's aim of creating a worldwide caliphate - or Islamic state - led by a single Islamic leader. "We are part of the international alliance calling and believing that Muslims should be led by one caliphate," Chande Khamis, a member of the group, said in Zanzibar's business district on Tuesday.
Zanzibar is 95% Muslim but the archipelago's government is secular and does not endorse any religion.

"Democracy is the way of infidels, and we do not want it to be imposed on the Muslim society," Khamis said. Khamis told Reuters the group - whose size he refused to give - does not advocate violence. "We want to lead peaceful transition from a secular state to an Islamic state," he said.
Just like Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afgahnistan, etc.

Here's the threat. The recapture of the old Islamic empire and the extension of the new marches on.

Western analysis fear that a takeover in Zanzibar by radical Muslim groups could give militants a strategic toehold off the coast of east Africa - already a victim of al Qaeda bombings in 1998 in Tanzania and Kenya.
And what are they going to do about it? Wait for countries to fall one by one as the old Islamic Empire is reclaimed? Don't they see there is a mid-evil culture slowly making advances on the Judeo-Christian societies and they sit back and scratch their knobby heads wondering what to do.

Oh, that's right. These Western leaders have solution. Get America out of Iraq and cede that country to the growing Islamic Empire. Philip Brennan in his article FIGHTING BATTLES...IGNORING WARS, identifies the problem accurately. The non-Muslim world is not seeing the forest f before the trees. We are focused on the battles (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, etc,) and whether they should be fought or not - not the war itself. The war against the Islamists and Islamo-fascism.

The Islamists know it's a war against the non-Muslim world and the free democracies. They knew it in 1979.

In his extraordinary 2005 book "Tehran Rising" that should be required reading for every American, Ilan Berman recalled that in the preamble to the new Iranian constitution in 1979 it was clearly stated that the nation's armed forces "will be responsible not only safeguarding our borders, but also for accomplishing an ideological mission, that is Jehad for the sake of God, as well as for struggling to open the war for the sovereignty of the Word of God throughout the world." If you are looking for the declaration of war against the non-Moslem world, this 1979 proclamation is it.
And Khomeini backed his bellicose words with immediate action, setting up the Pasdaran, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. According to Berman, it was originally given the job of rooting out any domestic opposition to the regime, but was quickly transformed into a counterpart to Iran's standing army, and the principal arm of the Jihad.

Wrote Berman, "just six months after his ascension to power, Khomeini told the 'governments of the world' that they should know 'that Islam cannot be defeated. Islam will be victorious in all the countries of the world, and Islam and the teachings of the Koran will prevail over the world.'" Tehran reached out to fellow Islamic radicals around the globe and thousands flocked to Iran where, Berman writes, "they found military training, political assistance and massive financial support from an Iranian government eager to internationalize its radical religious revolution."
As for our attentions on battles instead of the war:

We make a serious mistake when we fail to recognize that the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan and Lebanon are merely part of a worldwide war. We cannot prevail in any of these conflicts as long as we insist on treating them as isolated incidents. We are engaged in combat with a well financed, determined enemy with forces in every corner of the globe that will not cease their attacks until we drive them off the face of the earth.
'nuff said.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Let's have a big hand, shall we, for a very brave little girl with a mind of her own. To go against all the adults in your life, at that age, is really something big.

And let's be fair, while we're at it (because we're British and it's what we do): a big hand for the judge too.

The Green Arrow said...

Sir HM. You are right but how sad that a child is forced into being an adult and fight for her rights.

I agree about the judge and have edited the article to recognise that fact. I should have acknowledged his bravery also. He is going to be very unpopular.