Sunday, 13 April 2008

Taxpayers' money being used in anti-BNP campaign

OK, so everyones a critic these days. So I might as well have a go as well and the subject is the above video. What did I like and dislike about it?

The blog usually gets between 5 and 10 videos emailed to it everyday to look at and I honestly try to watch them all but sometimes all I have time for is a quick scan and usually it is the delete button being pressed after a minute.

I really do not like doing that. A fellow brother in arms as taken the time to either create the video or at the very least watch it and think it worth passing on for a wider audience. They should all be watched but there is no time.

Don't worry this is going somewhere. Some of you like John of Gwent will already know where. Am I that transparent JOG? Good.

But elated at the superb article put out on the main BNP site about the true colours of the Lib/Lab/con alliance finally being revealed as blood red, all captured in fantastic images in Wrexam, I am in a playful mood and have declared today as a free day to do as I wish.

So back to the video. The first few seconds reveal that it is not one of my favourite types, it is a text video with music in the background. Don't know why, but I am not a fan of them and I am about to hit the delete button when the music or rather the lyrics of the song catch my attention and I continue watching and listening.

The subject is very topical, the shameful Operation Black Vote, which is chaired by the disgraced "professional black" and friend of Red Ken Livingstone, Lee Jasper. So that is a plus but the text starts to push my finger towards the delete button again.

But the song stops me and I continue to watch. Then half way through, the creator of the video has inserted some nice images and I watch to the end. OK, I think but not great. Delete it and go post that great article by Sarah: Maid of Albion then go do something else.

Then I think, bugger it. What was that song? So I play the video again and listen to the lyrics. The song is about the BNP and the message is marvelous and so I wind up playing the video 5 times just for the song. The message of the video is not lost but it is the song that makes it.

The video must go out. Not for the message it is attempting to put out but for the song. The song is too good for the video. I would much preferred to have seen a video full of images of BNP activists out leafleting, selling Voice of Freedom and images of Our Country. Please edit and resubmit and you will get an A+. Instead your final mark is B.

So what I am suggesting is that all you video creators out there, is that you join the Green Arrow Forum and you can have your own areas to drop your videos into anytime you like, so that the members can view them whenever they like.

It takes seconds to drop a video off. When you have joined tell me the name that you want your area to be called and it will be done whilst you wait. It will take me minutes and it will take you even less time to drop a video in. Come on, lets go for it.

The members then, will be able to make valid suggestions and express views and rest assured they are not shy in telling me what and when to put out information on the blog.

By the way could someone drop me a link to where to find that song so I can include a link to it in this article. Right, I am going to play it one more time and then do Sarah's article.

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