Thursday, 10 April 2008

BNP - London election campaign 2008

The British National Party. The only party worth voting for in May.


Anonymous said...

good video,

Richards professionalism shines through. he would make a great mayor.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

There was something in there that triggered a thought in my mind.

Postal votes.

Tomorrow - as BNP Election Agent for Wigan - I'll be calling our local authority elections office, and informing them that after the election I'll be making a Freedom of Information enquiry:

How many addresses in the borough registered for one postal vote; how many for two; three; four ... up to twenty.

This is by way of informing them that I expect them to keep track of this.

Perhaps every BNP branch and group might care to do the same thing?

Anything above five I will be taking to the police. Anyone got a better suggestion for what we could consider a reasonable number from one address? Please, say so. Five is straight off the top of my head, and does seem a bit excessive.

I don't know about other election ofices around the country, but ours is very friendly and helpful to everyone, including us, so I will not be adopting a hostile tone. I recommend this for everyone else who decides to follow this course of action.

The Green Arrow said...

Sir HM, I thought about that myself and assumed that Election Agents would already have been briefed.

I am going to start a thread on forum, I bet that clip and the video is going to make a lot of reds sweat.

Anonymous said...

Election fraud was unknown in the UK when I was young, well before the advent of dizzy diversity and forced multi culti, but what I an seeing here is a strong similarity to what is happening in Zimbabwe, and we are SUPPOSED to be a 'first' world country for Christ sake...who is kidding who?........Albion of Abex/ GA