Thursday, 10 April 2008

Barry Towers - Online Petition

Barry Towers stood for the British National Party in local council elections. His employers, Middlesbrough Football Club didn't like this so they sacked him from his job.

BNP Cleveland have published the following:

The Local branch of the British National Party has created a petition and is asking those concerned to sign it and be willing to attend a Saint Georges Day march where the petition will be delivered to the Boro stadium.

Those wanting more information about the march or just want to wish Barry well are asked to contact him at 07757267624.

You can sign the online version of the petition here and you can contact Middlesbrough Football Club a number of ways all of which are listed here.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Barry! A brave chap who has put his head abobe the political parapet

fyrdist said...

ALL Middlesbrough supporters who have even the slightest sentiment of fair play should boycott matches and use their position as season ticket holders to exert their influence.

Left, Right, indifferent... either way a gentleman has lost his job because of FASCIST mindset.

As recourse I hope Solidarity is getting involved (even if Barry is or is not a member of that union).

As I've said previously, gone are the days when decent people could be bullied like this. Now there will be retaliation.

This football club needs to be shamed and hit where it hurts: in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

Have sent an e-mail to this club making a few points on freedom.
freedom to make choices as to which party we give our support to and why.
That wars were fought for this right to prevent our taking orders as to VOT VE SHALL VOTE.
Not fought to hand over to a fascist dogma that through fear now wants and expects us to accept being corralled into the permitted way of thinking.
On the other hand common purpose could be the infection causing your lack of courage in accepting orders from above.

Anonymous said...

I've emailed them and I urge others to flood their "inbox" with similiar complaints.

Come on, people, send them a short email. Strength in numbers.