Sunday, 13 April 2008

HMS Ganges

I might have mentioned (yes about a million times) that I was fortunate enough to serve in the Royal Navy for 12 years. Looking back, I wish now that I had re-enlisted and signed on untill retirement.

The Royal Navy then still had some ships and the world was just really beginning to change and not for the better. Then foreign countries felt like foreign countries. It was a great time to be a sailor.

I joined up at 15 and went to the "stone frigate", HMS Ganges for my basic training. You can see some wonderful images if you choose to click on the link and you will have an idea of what life was like there. Please check out the photographs section. I am in there but obviously cannot say where.

But I have just discovered a video that although made many years before I joined, is an accurate picture of my time there. The Navy believed then that if something works don't change it.

For those of you watch the video until the end, where you will see the Manning of The Mast and wonder what it is like to climb to the top, body trembling in fear, then you can read my experience of it here.

When the British National Party eventually forms the government of Our Country, and they will, because they are unstoppable, then I really hope that they reopen the establishments that made boys into men. Because whatever sort of person I am today, my time at HMS Ganges helped make me.


Britain First said...

If the Lib/Lab/Con remain in power for much longer, we won't have much of a Navy left to speak of. It's a disgrace what they've done to our armed forces. A BNP government would soon see things right again.

Anonymous said...

The halcyon days, ( Before the Invasion. and the establishment of the New World Order Quisling government )

Inns Trapp

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Ian Parker of

is another ex Ganges man. He too enlisted at 15.

I'm ex Halton, and also enlisted at 15.

Wonder if there's something about us all ... those of us who enlisted at such an early age? Learned a hi-tek trade, served for years ... just a thought.