Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Boris Johnson welcomes the BNP vote

Turkish Boris Johnson, whose immigrant family changed their name from Kemal around about the time of Gallipoli, has they did not wish to be associated with some of the war crimes committed by Turkish Troops during the Great War, is supposedly frothing at the mouth because the British National Party released the following statement:

"In this race, the Tory clown Johnson is a lesser evil than the Marxist crank Livingstone, so replacing the latter with the former would, on balance, be an improvement for the majority of Londoners,” the party said in a statement on their website.
“Even if Johnson condemns the BNP a second choice vote for him gives you the chance to vote BNP as your first preference and still vote to get Livingstone out of office.”
Predictably Johnson, whose turn it is to govern Londonistan according to the unwritten rules of the Labour/conservative One Party rotating dictatorship, retorted with:
“I utterly and unreservedly condemn the BNP and have no desire whatsoever to receive a single second preference vote from a BNP supporter,” said Mr Johnson.
Bloody liar Boris. You would accept votes from dead stoats and anyone or anything that could get your pockets filled with taxpayers money should you become Mayor. You might be a fool but we in the BNP are not.

Johnsons snowy white hair however is not that of a snow white politician. He is a personal friend of the prominent member of the UAF, David Cameron who is currently masquerading as Leader of the cONservative party. Strange old world really, because Ken Livingstone just happens to be the Chairman of the UAF. All mad Marxists but only Ken as the balls to come out of the closet.

So if Boris must condemn anyone then perhaps it should either be the violent and anti-democratic UAF or perhaps this labour councillor here who has just been charged with racially aggravated disorder.

Then again Boris is no stranger to a bit of GBH. This is from wikipedia.
Johnson became embroiled in controversy when he was recorded agreeing to supply the address of News of the World journalist Stuart Collier to former schoolmate and convicted fraudster Darius Guppy in order to have him beaten up as a result of knowing too much about a failed insurance fraud.[37] Johnson asked how badly Collier was to be beaten up, and Guppy replies "He will probably have a couple of black eyes and a... cracked rib or something like that". The conversation ended with Johnson agreeing to supply the address. Despite the call from Guppy, Johnson did not alert the police and the incident only became public knowledge when the recorded telephone conversations where summarised in the Daily Mail. Collier was not attacked.[38][39] [40] Johnson retained his job at the Telegraph but was reprimanded by its editor Max Hastings.
Nasty piece of work our Boris. don't let the buffoon bull you.

You might also like to read on how bold the Young Turk is when it comes to standing up for what he believes.

And for a real laugh, check this out.


Wolfblood said...

Brilliant article, GA.

See -

And -

Anonymous said...

the BNP were mad to back a second choice Boris vote, we should not back anyone other than the BNP.

Boris is no different to Ken, Boris would not have a clue in London, and if Boris loses then this will make the BNP stronger nationally and the Tories weaker.

This would give the BNP the chance to make a move on traditional conservative areas nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Yes,BNP were mad to back Boris with second votes. Use a vote only for the BNP and dont give support to any other party. Haig mentioned a clown suit for Harriet Harman when she attends cabinet meetings. The same applies to his own party with Boris the biggest clown of all. Perhaps clown is too friendly a description for him. Upper class idiot would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that the BNP was very astute to urge a second preference vote for Boris. I am a Conservative Party member and this is a big topic of discussion. Many of us will give our second preference votes to Richard Barnbrook (I will give my first). The way the election works your candidate doesn't lose out if second preference votes are cast. There is no good reason not to use both.

Richard Barnbrook has shown that he is a true Patriot by improving the chances of getting rid of Red Ken. He has lost nothing by it and gained a lot of respect and support. It shows that the BNP are wising up politically. Boris is far from perfect but I have to say he is preferable to the detestable Livingstone.

Anonymous said...

Good God, I didnt realise that ol Doris was a Turk, a member of one of Britains oldest enemies. Its becoming very clear why this country is surrendering to islam when so many of the politicians have either family or financial connections with the east.

xoggoth said...

Generally, I find your blog is one that inclines me a more favourable view of the BNP as you seem a reasonable bloke but that comment on BJ has rather lost me and reminds me why I would have a problem voting for them other than as a protest.

Like many, I hate what is happening to our culture because of massive immigration but culture is the crux of it, if someone appears British and is clearly committed to the UK, why does it matter what his grandfather was?

It's the Somali and Kurdish gangs, the Nigerian/Romanian benefit fraudsters, the Islamic Shariah supporters etc. that I want shot of, if someone is useful and committed to our society why worry about his origin, or his colour for that matter?

I think if the BNP wants to broaden its appeal it needs to examine its priorities and change some policies.

The Green Arrow said...

xoggoth, thank you for your comment. The views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone and are not necessarily in line with those of the BNP. Individuals will never agree over everything.

I personally have no time or trust for the Turks. When they face up to their war crimes and the genocide of the Armenians I might have a different opinion but I doubt it.

BJ is a sleazy character with a very dodgy past but I suppose he will make a far more entertaining opponent for the future then the Newt man.

Anonymous said...

To those who say that the BNP were 'mad' to urge second preference votes for Boris I just say 'yes, crazy like a fox'. The BNP is playing politics and it is doing it very well.