Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Surprise suprise!!

Suddenly, at 07:20 pm, the BNP broadcast turns up on the BBC London Election Broadcasts website only 48 hours late.

I would love to know what happened, but I guess we'll never find out the truth.

As reported earlier on this site, it initially appeared that the BBC were attempting to skip the broadcast by moving straight from Friday's Conservative broadcast to the Left List one on Tuesday, but it seems they have changed their mind. It would be nice to think that we played some role in drawing attention to this, and getting it resolved, but who knows.

Thanks to Green Arrow correspondent Like the Roman for initially spotting this.

Sarah Maid of Albion


Bert Rustle said...

Exactly when was this Nick Griffin Radio London Election broadcast transmitted? When will it be transmitted again?

Is there a link for the text of this broadcast?

That short broadcast encapsulates what I have heard from callers to TalkSport's Jon Gaunt radio program and the comments to the newspaper articles of Richard Littlejohn, Peter Hitchens and numerous other “Enrichment for me, Diversity for Thee” commentators.

BFB said...

Well done for getting Al-Beeb to back down over this, and congrats for getting a link on the BNP website. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Well Done!!
Down through history people power has moved mountains we've just got out of the habit but it's one we need to take up again with gusto!!
When Tesco backed down over the flag of St George that was due to people power; No flag then we boycott your store!
Look at bottler Brown this week a small gang pressured him and he backs off. imagine were that small gang a few thousands?
647 cannot defeat millions even though that's what they'd like us to believe.

D Staunton - Greenwich BNP said...

After seeing your post about this I made a complaint to the BBC and I guess many others did to, so thanks for making us aware.

Ray Boyd said...

Doesn't matter what I do none of the vids will play. Anyone got any clues on how to play them?