Friday, 18 April 2008

Right lets go shake those dice

Right, I have decided to check out for myself the facts about British hospitals and so a kind Doctor has arranged for an ambulance to pick me up within the hour. By all accounts I have appendicitis.

Will post on my return. Good Luck to the BNP activists on the streets of London this weekend. All in all I would prefer to be with you.

UPDATE April 21

Well I do not know if this is good or bad. I did not have appendicitis and although kept in for two days and subjected to many tests. Nothing was found. I am to see a specialist.

I am still in some pain that comes and goes and so there is little to be done for now. I fear output will suffer.


odin said...

Get well soon GA we need you!

Red Squirrel said...

Best Wishes for A Speedy Recovery GA!
Just been trying to send you a message on the Forum, but had some problems posting ( nothing wrong with Forum just at this end)

Strangely enough, I had mentioned how excellent our 'much maligned' local Hospital was. Sonja was in there overnight and is now back home recovering. Staff were great, place spotless no complaints.

Here is the message anyway!

I very much hope you soon feel better GA!

I started typing this message then went back to look at my 'First Google notebook', as it is called, but lost you in the process.

I have been delving into Classics (a bit) I was looking for something interesting and new for my tribute to Enoch Powell on the 20th.
It seems that even Classical Scholars have to toe the Multi culti line!
" Rome becomes a fluffy bunny multicultural place" ( not her exact words but stupid nonetheless!)

Et tu Mary Beard?

All the best!

Sgt Troy said...

My second post on your excellent site is to wish you the best of luck

Anonymous said...

Take it easy my friend,you have our prayers, respect,and our wishes for a speedy, and full recovery.
Inns Trapp.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the hospital and hope you get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon GA!

Anonymous said...

Good luck...hope the NHS does you proud.

bernard said...

Good luck with the op GA.
If you have stitches- it's no laughing matter; if keyhole surgery- it's OK to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Good luck

BFB said...

GA, don't let on that you're BNP or they'll remove more than your appendix...starting with your tongue and moving on to your frontal lobe.

All the best,

Phil (BFB).

Anonymous said...

Get well soon GA - All the best mate.

bill.p said...


Just Another Richard said...

All the best GA. Hope everything works out ok for you.

Anonymous said...

Turn to, GA!

You've been in sickbay long enough. I know you like the Medic Wrens -that Wren M. O. is crumpet!-but there's work to be done, old boy!

I've polished your bats, tidied your rack, and told chef to have a steaming hot tray of train-smash ready for you on your return.

When you're better will you do me a stand-in so I can go leafleting?

Haha! Joke over. Get well soon, mate, we're missing you.

odin said...

That was quick GA, hope get over it very soon!

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Glad your OK. Last time I had anything like that I was passing a kidney stone and I wouldn't wish that on........... well actually I would.

Anyway good health GA.

Pip pip