Wednesday, 30 April 2008

To what depths will the left sink, to attack the BNP?

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The disturbing image and following text is a complete cut n paste from the Cumbrian Patriots BNP support site and reveals the shameful depths of Labour/Searchlight in their desperate attempts to cling onto power and avoid the justice of the True British People.

The people responsible for publishing this obscene slur on the patriotic British National Party must be investigated and arrested. The BNP will not let this drop.

The above scan is the newest and by far the most disgraceful, piece of left wing hate and base abuse of both the memory of the dead and the people who have suffered this trash pushed through their letter box, that I have ever seen.

I have decided to publish this on my blog, not an easy decision to make as I loath to give this kind of black propaganda any attention or further publicity but I feel it is very important that people know the depths of deprivation born of desperation that these Left wing extremists are now resorting to. So I will address the lies of the left for the first and last time on my blog.

The image is shocking, disturbing and a human tragedy of a magnitude that should never be forgotten but the disgrace here is that this image is being used ... sorry abused, by a group of clearly deranged individuals who are distributing it through letter boxes all over Currock, a council ward in Carlisle and apparently different versions in other wards, for the explicit purpose ( as is clearly stated on it) of trying to stop people voting, this week, for a legal, democratic political party, in the local elections. The hypocrisy, crass intimidation and blatant scaremongering of this is truly beyond me.

I can state here and now that the BNP DON'T DENY THE HOLOCAUST.

Ken Booth, the Regional Organiser of the North East and good friend of mine, devoted father, grandfather and trusted school Governor, whose own father was a young British solder in 1947 and was one of the troops that liberated Belson death camp, did not "liken Auschwitz with Disneyland"- what an absolute bare faced lie, like all the far lefts trash. He said he didn't agree with the commercialisation of Auschwitz, and of people making financial and political gain out of it, he made the comment to a searchlight fraudster and in the context of his roll of school Governor (a post he still holds- enough said!) when asked if it would be a good use of the schools vastly overtaxed funds to pay for mass trips to Auschwitz and Ken stated that it would be far better to equip and fund the school first, with things like books and teachers- both in short supply due to budget cuts! Not satisfied with that blatant lie they go on to state "Deny them another chance" clearly making the inference that if the British National Party win seats in this local election then we will ..what some how start the Carlisle Holocaust, and start mass murder?

I sit typing this and the malevolence and viciousness of this hate campaign is just starting to sink in! We spent 3-4 hours tonight calming various people down and comforting them in Currock, a Portuguese lady and several other people from various groups who were literally in tears after receiving this trash through their doors. People of all ages and walks of life are absolutely furious with this hate campaign from CAR and the GMB and in an irony of irony's we spent more time actually rushing to areas where groups of very angry parents were on the verge of ..lets say evicting these left wing extremist's from their estates physically, after small children were literally traumatised after picking these leaflets of their door mats. I imagine the lefties wont mention the fact that the BNP candidates and agents stepped into very nasty situations tonight to save everyone concerned, the residents and the left from what was going to be very ugly incidents.

All this against the BNP campaign for weekly bin collections and the preservation of local post offices and Calisle's historic buildings ? Its beyond belief really.

Police complaints have been made by us and by a number of other people, with regards this outrage yet the police, as yet have not acted or indeed taken this seriously. The newspapers openly promote this organisation (in fact the editor of the News & Star and the Cumberland News yesterday admitted he is "under instructions" not to print any none-derogatory articles about the BNP and further more he has openly declared he is denying us our "right to reply" to any wild accusations laid against us in his papers!) and the Labour Party finance it. The council executive want no part in this and the Electoral Commission just refer us back to the police! Let me be absolutely clear this "Third part interference" and provable lies are ILLEGAL and if we, the BNP did it we would be sitting in a police cell right now, the fact that this is being allowed, even financed and promoted is an indication of how unjust and immoral the status- quo has become.
The victim's in this are - primarily the people of Carlisle, the British National Party- our candidates and their family and friends and of course democracy- lets not forget that one -

, let the best man win and all that should be a absolute given, in a British election. Clearly it is no longer the case and it truly saddens me that the desperation and the hatred of some of this country's failing establishment have taken our country and our most honored practices into the gutter with them.

They will be replaced, some within the next 48 hours, many more soon after. They will be voted out of office by the people who they repeatedly treat with contempt. Its just a shame they can't even lose with dignity, on reflection its an impossibility for them, being as bereft of dignity or integrity as they clearly are. The good people of Carlisle will decide on Thursday and I am more convinced now than at any time previously, that they will decide that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and vote for the only true hope the British National Party and when they do I can state here and now that we will not let them down, more than that we will make them proud.

A very wise old gentleman once said to me, in reply to my comment that "New Labour" were a cancer to this nation he replied- "I think a country gets the government it deserves", an odd statement I thought at the time, but since then I think I am beginning to understand what he meant by that most cryptic of statements. I think we have come a long way, back from the brink, from the precipice of apathy and denial, from the tempting "path of least resistance" continually offered to us by small minded politicians, from the sickness that is political correctness. I think this country will soon get "the government it NOW deserves" and it will begin in Cumbria, in Carlisle, this Thursday, in London and in many other places up and down England's green and pleasant land.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Green they have broke the law as it is an offence to distribute items that may cause alarm or fear, or to use images that may cause upset or offence.

Imagine if a young child was to pick up one of these disgusting leaflets with pictures of dead bodies that had been pushed through a door. The nightmares etc could be really damaging. That is one of the reasons political, leaflets should only be given to over 16,s, but even then an adult has the right not to be handed such graphic material.

I hope that the police get contacted and people charged with distributing graphic, scare mongering, disturbing material.
How low can the Marxist reds go.

Anonymous said...

Like labour and co care how many people die whether it be the Holocaust Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia or the Concentration camps never mentioned that saw thousands of Serbs put to death in ww2.
Dafur where already in excess of 2 million have been slaughtered [Christians]
To use deaths such as these for political reasons just shows how and desperate these power crazed fascists are.
Some deaths that suit..they care about others they ignore due to it may upset their voting base!
To use the Holocaust. because it is using the Holocaust when millions upon millions died why choose this portion?

Anonymous said...

Censored here?

27, 2008
Honor killing in Iraq: Father murders 17-year-old girl for loving British soldier
"You are in a Muslim society and women should live under religious laws. The father has very good contacts inside the Basra government and it wasn't hard for him to be released and what he did to be forgotten."

"Girl, 17, killed in Iraq for loving a British soldier," by Sadie Gray in The Independent (thanks to Morgaan Sinclair):

A 17-year-old Iraqi girl was murdered by her father in an honour killing after falling in love with a British soldier she met while working on an aid programme in Basra, it has been claimed.
Rand Abdel-Qader was stamped upon, suffocated and stabbed by her father, then given an unceremonious burial to emphasise her disgrace. Police released her father without charge two hours after his arrest.

"Not much can be done when we have an honour killing case," said Sergeant Ali Jabbar of Basra police. "You are in a Muslim society and women should live under religious laws. The father has very good contacts inside the Basra government and it wasn't hard for him to be released and what he did to be forgotten."

A total of 47 young women died in honour killings in the city last year, Basra Security Committee told an investigation into Ms Abdel-Qader's case by The Observer. This is believed to be the only case of an honour killing involving a British soldier.

The MoD had no official advice for troops on how to behave with Iraqi women. The serviceman involved would not have been told that any relationship with her could put her life at risk, the paper said.

Ms Abdel-Qader, a student of English at Basra University, had struck up a friendship with a 22-year-old British infantryman known only as Paul five months before her murder in March.

She was believed to have last seen him in January, and the pair, whose relationship was innocent, only ever met while working at the aid station. The soldier was helping deliver relief to displaced families as part of his regimental duties. Ms Abdel-Qader was a volunteer worker....

Anonymous said...

Scary stuff Big dog robot. crowd control what kind of future are these fascists planning?
scroll to video. robot big dog.

Anonymous said...

Without doubt putting out this filth is a serious criminal offence - incitement top hatred, fear of violence, abusive etc.
It is also an offence under electoral law to put this sort of stuff out.
Hopefully Combrian BNP will insist the police take action against these scumbags.

truthseaker said...

Its quite funny really if you think about it, as per norm these dimmi's make there claims about the BNP. Trying to put people off voting for them, though these nu labor wonder men forget to tell these same people that they themselves while standing for the muslims & allowing these same muslims to get away with all they do. They forget to tell these same voters that muslims deny that this same holocaust took place. All muslims deny the holocaust & another little fact is that muslims also fought on the side of Hitler & the nazi's. How quiet that little fact eh, how silent the holocaust. They just prove themselves to be hypocrites, lier's & totally untrustworthy.