Friday, 25 April 2008


By Archer

“Britain has traditionally been viewed as the cushier option. Over the past three years only one per cent of migrants passing through Sangatte [French port, fittingly titled ‘The Departure Lounge’] have applied for refugee status in France. Sangatte itself is proof of how attractive passage to the U.K. remains.”

-An article in Time magazine, 2004, after their journalist spoke to dozens of ‘asylum seekers’ determined to get into Britain, the ‘promised land’. They believed that once they got here they would be allowed to stay and claim benefits. We the taxpayer pay for this.

“Immigration imports poverty, creates parallel communities and increases social tensions, crime and health problems such as H.I.V. There is little evidence the British people want to be culturally enriched by immigration from around the globe, any more than the people of Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia or China do.” -A report by independent think-tank Civitas. The report also found that immigrants make more demands on our schools and hospitals and claim more benefits. They also dismissed the arrantly flawed claim that newcomers are needed to bolster our ageing population. Right-minded people know this is nonsense, anyway.

“Britain appears to be in the process of being turned upside down, particularly in respect of policing, criminal justice and immigration control, by inappropriate reactions to tragic individual ethnic victims and demands of pressure groups.” -Dr David Coleman, a reader in demography at Oxford University.

“The pace of the present transformation in Europe worries me. I believe it to be a recipe for conflict.” -Robert Rowthorn, professor of economics at Cambridge University.

“We have to stop pretending there is no problem. There is a slight tendency at the moment for people to go around waving their hands merrily and saying, ‘If we celebrate our multiculturalism it will all be lovely.’ Well, it won’t be all lovely. One of the things we have to accept is that sometimes people don’t like other people’s ways of life.” -Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips.

“If you don’t have mechanisms of this sort for people you believe to be dangerous then it is difficult to protect the security of the public.” -Labour’s John Denham, defending the need for control orders on immigrant criminals.

"The Diaspora [The dispersion of a people from their original homeland] issue is one of my biggest current concerns," he said. "Globalisation makes assimilation seem redundant and old-fashioned . . . [the process] acts as a sort of reverse colonisation, where groups of people are self-contained, going back and forth between their countries, exploiting sophisticated networks and using instant communication on phones and the internet." -Rear Admiral Chris Parry, Royal Navy.

“Muslims and non-Muslims may live in the same town, but they move in different worlds. If the two sides speak, it is only by chance, and rarely by choice.” -18-year-old law student, Yasin HajI, when interviewed by a reporter from the Daily Mail.

“We’ve been to school with non-Muslims and we know we don’t mix” -Mubarek Patel, an 18-year-old from Preston. He made this unquestionable comment when interviewed by a reporter from the Daily Mail.

“The politicians and rest might talk about us all getting on together. It’s impossible. The two sides will never integrate. Go to school together? Make friends? You must be joking. They don’t want to send their kids to Catholic schools, for instance. Why would we want to send our to theirs? How can we meet, anyway? They don’t drink. When we’re in the pub, they’re in the mosque. They don’t want their girls going with our boys. We don’t want our girls marrying their men. They grow up apart -there it is. No one wants it much different even if it could be.” -a old soldier who is a regular in the Hesketh Arms pub in Preston. These wise words were uttered in an interview given by a Daily Mail reporter.

“All the recent evidence shows that we are, as a society becoming more socially polarized. In many of our cities, things can’t get any worse.” -Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Racial Equality. Speaking on Sunday 22nd October to BBC 1’s Sunday AM.

“The majority of the Armed Forces either take offence or think it’s hilarious when they hear of the likes of suicide bombers Omar Sherif and Asif Hanif -or those recently released form Guantanamo Bay- being referred to as ‘British’. Such people might have been born in the UK, but that‘s as far as it goes. To accept them as Britons simply because they were born here is beyond the pale.” Major C. Blackthorne in a letter published in the Daily Mail


bernard said...

Pulling the various threads together; a very good article.

Anonymous said...

I'm David from Italy, again! I think I will put this site on my favourite. You know, I love Britain and feel very interested about what happens there.
I would like to say that in Italy we have the same problems. Immigrants come here day after day and they're not legal. They come here, have a lot of benefits and behave as they want. One crime every three is committed by immigrants, even if they are only 5% of population. There's something that doesn't work!!
Many people, in order to reduce criminality among immigrants and help so called "integration", propose to accept all those who come here and giving them Italian nationality after 5 years, even if they don't know anything about our History, our culture, our habits. If we let them do it, all Europe will be invaded, much more than it is now. Luckily, that suggestion did not pass our Parliament analisys and now it's not a law..but they can propose it again and we have to take care it never becomes a law.
I'm sorry if I make mistakes in writing, it's because I am on the run!
PS I know that if I come to Britain i will be an immigrant..but..hey..if I can, I will not only vote but also work for the BNP! Strange man! :D


Anonymous said...

I asked the BBC the very same
question last week were i the child of British parents born is Pakistan due to the family perhaps working or visiting that country would that make me a Pakistani.
Naturally that's crazy i could never be Pakistani.
Wrong skin colour. wrong culture wrong bloodline and i'm sure the Pakistani folk would not want me there except on a visit.
It's in our DNA to protect our race and country.
Example i could hate a persons gutts but were i to see he or she coming under attack from another race i'd be there handbag flying nails and teeth tearing at them.
And if that's wrong then our country is doomed!!
These reports are just a brainwashing exercises we know races fight when mixed together in large numbers especially when religions are involved we've only to look around the world for examples.
I cringe when i hear British pakistani and shout bullshit there's no such animal again it's BBC brainwashing;repeat it enough and we shall accept it.
American accepted it only because America was herself the country of red indians. people from every corner of the world moved in and made roots.
Britain is a very old island and expecting us to just accept colonisation quietly while watching green fields disappearing under concrete becoming three times more populated than is healthy or recommended is lunacy