Sunday, 27 April 2008

Why the British National Party is now unstoppable

Sword Beach. Only one way to go men. Forward.

The BNP is now unstoppable. My that's a big sweeping statement and not even one vote cast in the London Elections so just where am I coming from?

Just quiet contemplation in the early hours of the morning and cold logic.

For decades the British National Party has struggled to make the breakthrough into what we call and despise, Main Stream Politics. True it has enjoyed local successes all over Our Country but could never before reach enough of the people who count. The True British People. They were beyond our reach, isolated from us by the government controlled BBC and their in the pocket press who denied us the rights to place legal adverts during elections. An NUJ, riddled with communists determined to starve the BNP freedom movement of any oxygen of publicity. Not democratically at the polls but in silent back room deals, like thieves cutting up the country whilst cutting up their cake.

But thanks to the internet, the Genie of Truth is finally out of the bottle and will never be allowed to be returned to its prison. It does not matter now how much effort the government expends in trying to hide and deny the truth from the people, it is OUT THERE NOW and is available for all those who just make the effort to look.

Every day now another member of the public discovers the home page of the BNP and spend a few minutes reading the truth. And in many cases, conditioned by years of brain washing he will discount the truth and move on.

But if he is a True Brit, he will return. He will not be able to resist, his mind is too inquiring. He needs to know the truth and so he will read the news and read the comments and he will realise he is not alone any longer. He sees that there is in fact an army of people just like him and they are called The British. He has discovered the truth.

And from the main British National Party site he will spread his wings and his mind and visit sites such as UKTabloid and his life is changed for ever. Because now he has discovered a source of local and international news that he would normally never read. News interspersed with comments and links to other islands of truth out there on the net. And this man will share his information with family and friends and so the truth spreads. Sometimes slowly but always growing and always spreading.

And the enemies of the True British People, who seek to enslave us will rage and increase their attacks. They will laugh and accuse the Discoverers of truth of being nothing but Little Englanders. But it was Little Englanders that made this entire earth spin from the dark ages into enlightenment and democracy. It was the inventiveness of the Little Englanders that made Our Country great and brought democracy to over half the world.

And these traitors to Our Country, fouler then any ever gone before, will attempt to ridicule us by accusing us of Jingoism. But it was Jingoism that made my father and thousands like him, volunteer to run through a rain storm of death up Sword Beach in 1944. A Welshman with a Union Jack tattooed on his arm. He always loved Our Country. But what a sad way to end a life. "I would not have done it if I had known what they had planned".

It was his Jingoism and those of his friends who died during that time, that has given those enemies of Our Country the freedom to laugh and ridicule those of us who remember their sacrifices with pride.

No, the truth is out there now and every day another person reasons that the truth is the BNP and that their only hope or their children's only hope is to support and join the fight for Our Country within the ranks of the BNP.

And the state will increase its nastiness in thousands of little ways, in its attempt to frighten all opposition into silence. They will punish us with fines for the slightest reason, they will remove our rights to travel for no other reason then to show us who the masters are. But you can smell the stench of their fear and I for one welcome it because it is also the smell of a coming victory.

And the state will lose. And when they lose they should pray to almighty God that the British People are truly as tolerant as history as shown, because if not the people who were allowed to bring Our Country to its knees may face the the fate of all traitors who have destroyed lives and wasted decades of a nations existence.

And that is why I say the BNP is now unstoppable. They will not allow themselves to be stopped. The British are awake and they want their Country Back. Roll on BNP Day. May 1st.


odin said...

Know what you mean GA.
My Dad was a toolmaker & during WWII he applied to join the Royal Navy three times, the first two times they told him that they needed him more here, as if they did not have men like him to make the press tools for the magazines etc they would not be able to keep on fighting. The last time he applied, he got a great big bol%$&%ing & was told this is your last chance go back to work or you will get a prision sentence!

James said...

The sneering phrase "Little Englander" always irritated me. I think it refers to someone who refuses to assist in his own cultural suicide. Can we also talk of "Little Tibetans" or "Little Aborigines" who choose to preserve their traditional way of life?

And why don't the Left criticise the "Little Pakistanis" and "Little Ethiopians", who travel half-way around the world only to continue with the cultures of their motherland? Instead they are referred to as a "vibrant community" and the phenomenon is described as "multiculturalism".

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant post GA, and I think you're right. Who'd have thought Al-Beeb would air a PPB for the BNP? Progress indeed.

We are getting stronger and stronger, the traitors are on borrowed time. And as of last night, you can add four more to the ranks. They know what we're about and they want to stand with us now.

And they'll spread our message to their families and friends and every little bit will help wake our people up.

The clock is ticking, our time is coming and the charlatans who've betrayed us know it.


Bert Rustle said...

The Little Englanders are those of the Ruling Class who concern themselves with the tittle tattle of Westminster Village whilst most of our laws and regulations are decide upon in Brussels, mostly without comment by our Drive-By Media.

The extent of the irrelevance of the UK Puppet Government is analysed here.

Bert Rustle said...

The Little Englanders are those of the Ruling Class who concern themselves with the tittle tattle of Westminster Village whilst most of our laws and regulations are decide upon in Brussels, mostly without comment by our Drive-By Media.

The extent of the irrelevance of the UK Puppet Government is analysed here.

Anonymous said...

Great post GA for too long we've all waited for someone else to save us when the only people that can do this is ourselves with our own political party!


Anonymous said...

SWEDENS UAF..............

The Death of Sweden (31 July 2007)

According to news site The Local, a judge who hears migration appeals had his house vandalized by left-wing extremists. Threats were sprayed on the walls, red paint was poured over the steps and an axe was left outside his home. "When a judge in a Swedish court has his home vandalised in this way, it is of course very serious," said Ingvar Paulsson, head of the Gothenburg District Administrative Court. The group Antifascistisk Action (AFA) writes on its homepage that the attack was motivated by the situation of Iraqi asylum seekers. The Swedish Board of Migration has ruled that they should be deported if they cannot show that a threat exists against them personally.

It should be noted here that Sweden alone in 2006 accepted almost as many asylum applications from Iraqis as all other European countries did combined. Native Swedes, who live in a country that was one of the most ethnically homogeneous nations in the world only 30 years ago, will be a minority in their own country within a few decades, if current trends continue. Sweden is self-destructing at a pace that is probably unprecedented in history, but for the extreme Left, even this isn't fast enough.

AFA openly brag about numerous attacks against persons who get their full name and address published on their website. According to them, this is done in order to fight against capitalist exploitation and for a global, classless society. Their logic goes something like this: If you protest against Muslim immigration, you suffer from Islamophobia, which is almost the same as xenophobia, which is almost the same as racism. And racists are almost Fascists and Nazis, as we all know, and they shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinions in public. Hence, if you protest against being assaulted or raped by Muslims, you are evil and need to be silenced. If a native Swede is really lucky, he or she will thus first get mugged or battered by Muslims, and then beaten up a second time by his own extreme Leftists for objecting to being beaten the first time. The state does next to nothing to prevent either, of course. Native Swedes who object to a mass immigration that will render them a minority in their own country within a couple of generations have already been classified as "racists," and racists are for all practical purposes outside of the protection of the law.