Thursday, 3 April 2008

London conservatives should vote Barnbrook first

I do not have much time for the conservatives myself. They let their party be hijacked by the mad marxists and the sooner they vanish into history the better. If they really want to conserve anything they should be joining the British National Party and taking their place in the Shield Wall.

But I thought those conservatives who will be voting in the London elections in May might like to read the following letter that showed up on the BNP News Site.

“Dear Sirs,

As a Conservative I would personally like to thank you for urging your supporters to back Boris with their second Mayoral vote. Some of our local members are suggesting, by word of mouth at present, that we should do the same in return and give Mr Barnbrook our second vote.

At the risk of being branded one of your own closet supporters I have gone further and begun to suggest that they should actually vote Barnbrook first and Boris second. The reason is that only the top two candidates will be given the second preference votes and, whilst you might not like or accept it, our view is that only Ken and Boris will realistically make the second round.

Our voters can only vote for Boris once, so it makes no difference to us whether its first or second, as second preference votes for him are sure to be counted. However, since we are also fed up with PC, immigration and crime, the stronger the vote for the BNP the bigger the kick up the pants for the Government and clearer the signal for a few of the wets in our own ranks. I urge you let Conservatives know that they should vote Barnbrook first and Johnson second so we can get Livingstone out and give the PC brigade a bloody nose too! Just for once, we can have our anti-PC cake and eat it!”

Makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of Conservatives will take this suggestion on board. We want to send a clear message that a change of policy is needed. There is no disadvantage in Tories following this suggestion and no questions regarding Party loyalty. It shows that whatever our 'leaders' proclaim many are thinking tactically. The announcement from the BNP that their 2nd preference votes should go to Boris has set a lot of us thinking. It was a shock but also a masterstroke.

Bert Rustle said...

A quiz of policy questions which are presumably matched to the candidates opinions to show which candidate one is in favour of. A blind tasting if you will. If the previous Drive-By Media report that “most people are in favour of BNP policies until they find out that they are BNP policies” was true then the results of this quiz should wake-up the Establishment Party.
Who Would You Vote for in London?