Friday, 25 April 2008

Get Out There and VOTE for GOVERNMENT

by johnofgwent
Yes I suppose this post is a week early. A case of 'Premature Election' maybe. But some things need to be said.

This morning as I wandered around the various news sources I like to peruse (and not just for the images one finds on page three) I found a sorry tale of a man, a celebrity in his own field, so disillusioned by politics he has not even bothered to vote. Ever.

Read the tale for yourself here.

I know little of the person concerned, but it would seem that the Olympic Medal winning boxer Amir Khan apparently posed for a picture with Mrs Amina Lone, an employee of the "Race Equality Foundation" and New Liebour Party Candidate for the Manchester Whalley Range ward. Mrs Lone then used the picture of herself apparently about to land a blow on Mr Khan's chin on her election leaflets with a caption 'Amina shows Amir Khan who is the champion in Whalley Range'.

Mr Khan (or at least his manager) has expressed anger that his image has been used in this way. It is claimed that Mrs Lone failed to obtain express permission for the use of that image in that way. And for a political party candidate to act in that way is a serious matter. It shows complete contempt for the regulatory framework under which elections, and election campaigns, are conducted. Not that new Liebour seem particularly concerned with adhering to the rules on anything these days least of all matters pertaining to the conduct of their politicians and their candidates.

Mr Khan's manager claims that his client has no interest in politics or political matters and has never, nor would he, endorse any particular political party. And that is an honourable position. Far more honourable, indeed, than the position many celebrities find themselves in after making such an endorsement.

But Mr Khan's mangager goes on to state that his client has never even voted.

Really ? Now I wonder what all those who campaigned, who fought and who even died over the years first to gain, and then to defend, the right to universal suffrage would say about that. Actually I hope they would think, as I do, that the right NOT to vote, for whatever reason, including disinterest, is just as precious as the right TO vote, and that NOT voting brings no dishonour, except perhaps upon those politicians and political parties who so failed to spark your interest.

But to sit back and do nothing means that Mrs Amina Lone and asll those like her who ride roughshod over your rights will succeed in landing their killer blow.

I have a postal vote. I have had a postal vote for many, many years because the nature of my job entitled me to one for DECADES before new Liebour found the device a handy one for following the example set by Robert Mugabe. And this morning I have used it. I shall later this morning deliver my vote by hand to the Electoral Registration Office because last year my ballot papers were intercepted and it was only when I went to complain that I found my ballot papers had been returned by someone other than me.

Regrettably this morning I see no candidate for the British National Party on my ballot paper. Mind you, when there was one, last year, thanks to the corrupt regional seat allocation system, my vote for the BNP handed the Regional Assembly seat to a Pakistani canddiate for Plaid Cymru whose sole aim was to establish an "electoral dynasty" by getting his daughter elected up the road. He failed in that aim.

So this morning I am reduced to voting for the people I best feel are able to deal a killer blow to the corrupt swine in charge in my neck of the woods. I have done my bit, to the best of my ability. Time will tell if I have acted wisely, or not.

All I ask is that, to quote wholly out of context from the Gospel of Luke, in the tenth chapter, and in verse 37, that you "GO, AND DO THOU LIKEWISE"

For if you do not, the corrupt scum we have in power right now have won.

Thanks for your time.

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Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Excellent article John, you are correct, people who don't vote deserve what they get, especially in those areas where corrupt third world politics have been imported.

It is a shame that you do not have a BNP candidate in your area, however, if all of those of us who do, vote for them, there will be more out there next time.

Things are changing and we must grasp this opportunity.