Wednesday, 9 April 2008

No place for fascism on Glasgow's streets

UAF Member checking the view from his front dooor

The fascist and violent UAF, whose chairman is Ken Livingstone, that now as many leading politicians from the Lib/Lab/con alliance as members, is crowing about how a large gang of their paid activists managed to disrupt and steal the papers being sold by three, brave British National Party members in Glasgow. But first some background to the story.
Buchanan Street in Glasgow has long been a place where political groups of various flavours set up stalls and sell newspapers and political propaganda. Walking down the street on a Saturday afternoon you will find groups such as Glasgow Anarchists, Fight Racism – Fight Imperialism, Socialist Workers Party, Palestinian Solidarity and the Communist Party all distributing political material. The usual place to find these groups is at the junction of Buchanan Street and Gordon Street.
As you see, all the usual communist groupings that have the right to distribute their poison because of the sacrifices made by people like my father and millions other like him.

I will not link to their site, where they post about their cowardly actions, as I have no wish to increase their page hit rates and give their pathetic site an authority boost in the Search Engines. So will just give you the facts as taken from their Nazi site.
Three of these racist scumbags had decided that they were going to sell the “Voice of Freedom, the vile hate rag of their party. Word quickly went around the different stalls and a group of ten assorted leftists moved down to surround them and stop them from selling their filth.
With odds of 10 to 3 the UAF lacked the courage to launch a physical attack. Besides the BNP sellers were men and not women which is their normal choice of target and so verbally abused our paper sellers until they left the area and moved to another location.

By now the UAF had been on their state paid for mobiles and had called for backup. Who can blame them. Ten on three are never good odds against the BNP.
This time an even larger group of the various left organizations, Anonymous and assorted anti-fascists marched up Buchanan Street and surrounded them.
But now, despite being massively outnumbered the three BNP men stood their ground. They are after all British.
they dug their heels in and refused to move, even when the crowd around them swelled with people angered at seeing Nazis on our streets.
Eventually, however the BNP guys, unable to sell their papers left the area leaving the real Nazi's to gloat and end their article on their shite site with:
We cannot allow these pedlars of hate and bigotry to organize or spread their disease, they must be confronted wherever they rear their ugly, pockmarked heads.
I leave you to make your mind up on who are the real fascists in Glasgow. If you live in London, remember who the Leader of these violent thugs is. Your own sweet newt man. Ken Livingstone who just accepted £30,000 knowing it was from multi-millionaire Sharad Patel who wants to build a £120 million theme park and leisure complex in north-west London.

Vote Barnbrook. Vote BNP.


Fyrdist said...

All paper sales should rotate one person as a security number who can mingle with the crowd, or stand inconspicuously to the side of the stall, ready to take the photographs of these warped thugs.

A camcorder would be even better. In future if there is any trouble at paper sales, etc. the local police should be telephoned and a “racist” or "hate" crime should be reported as being in progress. This will ensure that the police are at the scene swiftly to move along (or hopefully arrest) those freaks who find free speech so discomforting. (This report would be no lie: a “hate crime” is so open-ended that you could quite rightly claim that the Reds’ anti-British ideology is racist against Whites. You could also claim that you have been victim of a “hate crime” against decency, Christianity and heterosexuality because the Reds hate normal people, and in their predilection to sodomy (and the promotion of accompanying AIDS) they are threatening your moral fibre and overall welfare.

Fight fire with fire. Use to your own advantage the tools (laws on “hate crime”) that the state has put in place.

Communistic NAZIS need to be exposed. The camera doesn't lie.

Happy snapping, folks.

Anonymous said...

You mention the group 'Anonymous'. Could you tell us more? Is this the same group that has attacked the Church of Scientology?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I agree use cameras at all time so that the evidence is there for the police. Hopefully they will pitch up in an area covered by CCTV. The police will defend the BNP's right to conduct there lawful Business. The pathetic excuse offered by the UAF really sums them up. Apart from the fact there version is total lies, when did rational adult’s react to name calling in a violent manner. I bring my children up to ignore names. It makes you wonder how these thugs children are brought up.
There is never any excuse for violence, so these thugs should be charged and for a hate crime. Also the UAF being the UAF if the BNP people had said something they would have it recorded, not only would BNP activist’s never say such things, they are also aware that the UAF will twist any words around to meet there own anti British Needs.
I hope the courts throw the book at them.

Just a note cheers for the extra publicity UAF thugs, at a crucial time. Not only has the BNP gleamed a few more lines in the local news, the UAF have also demonstrated that there leaflets are from lying, undemocratic violent thugs. Now would you believe them I know I would not, and I believe the voters will not either?

UAF You has no debate, that’s why violence is your only retort. Pathetic you lot are really pathetic.