Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The BNP and the Quiet Revolution

George Galloway and his team are going to campaign between 12:00 and 19:00 every day!

The British National Party keep referring to the amazing growth of Britain's only hope as being a Quiet Revolution but from where I am sat, miles from the front line, I can hear the screams of fear from the Tri-Axis parties. They are squealing like stuck pigs or Moslem criminals being offered bacon butties in prison.

However, that said, there is no doubt, that there is finally, a political revolution taking place all over Our Country, as the BNP steamroller advances. Sometimes now, without even token resistance from the enemies of freedom and democracy, but it is not that quiet in their beleaguered strongholds like Londonistan.

In a desperate attempt to hold onto power, the enemies of the British People and way of life have had to remove their cloak of pretend democracy and reveal who they really are. Global Marxists intent on destroying, us.

In London, all the traitors have now united under the Communist Banner of Searchlight and the undemocratic, Moslem and state sponsored, Unite Against Freedom(UAF) group that is chaired by Ken Livingstone and still supported by disgraced "professional black" Lee Jasper.

All the traitorous political parties are now affiliated to the violent UAF, Labour, Conservative, The Greens and even Plaid Cymru in Wales. All revealing their true colour of blood red Marxism.
Mr Johnson was speaking ahead of an Operation Black Vote event in Lambeth where he joined the Mayor, Lib-Dem candidate Brian Paddick and Green Sian Berry to oppose the BNP.
Ignoring the White voters of London, the enemies of freedom are calling in all their favours from the immigrants from all over the world they have imported into our former Capital City, to outvote the remaining true owners in Operation Black Vote, still led by Lee Jasper.
Operation Black Vote (OBV) today joined forces with leading faith groups including The Muslim Council of Britain, Board of Deputies of British Jews, leading Church Groups and rising Rap sensation Bashy to unite against the threat from far Right political groups.
I suppose "rising Rap sensation Bashy" have been brought in to replace the drug addled, role model of the Marxists and UAF member, Pete Doherty. Pete has finally been taken away, to be force fed porridge and hopefully have his horizons widened by some of the larger enrichers held within our jails. I wonder if Billy Bragg will visit him with one of his giveaway guitars that apparently cuts down crime? Pete already had a guitar, so that obviously does not work Billy Boy.

I'd like to finish with something that brought a smile to my face. Social Unity are also in on the act with their support for George Galloway, the Dhimmi Leader of the Moslem Respect party.

They have announced they will be campaigning between the hours of 12:00 to 19:00 every day. So what time do they get up to save the world? Reminded me of this video clip here.


defender said...

Hey GA have a read and tell me what you think. useful or wot.

“Dear Muslims,

We think it is time to state openly that we are enemies. Many honest people on your side have already done that, it is about time that we follow suit.

We have followed your advice to concern ourselves with Islam by now. We have seen Obsession [and meanwhile “Fitna” as well], we have read Bat Ye´Or and Robert Spencer, we have seen the video messages by Osama Bin Laden and heard the statements by Islamic scholars from all over the world - especially from Kairo´s Al Azar University - and also by Mr. Ahmadinejad. Particularly during the so-called Cartoon Affair, we have also listened to the very impressive voice of the ordinary Islamic Joe. We have busied ourselves with studying our common history and we have used our god-given reason to draw comparisons to the present.

We have come to think that we have to apologize for our comportment which we have shown while we did not know all of the above. It was our fault, not yours, that we remained without interest in and knowledge about you. We also apologize for bothering you for ages with a “dialogue”, in which you were rightfully annoyed about our cluelessness, and in which we insisted on turning you into something Christian-like. We especially apologize for those amongst us who have promoted the term “Islamism” to denigrate the most righteous and Qu´ran-abiding Muslims. The attempt to explain to you your own religion (”Islam means peace”) was a serious faux-pas, and hence we understand that you were often angry about our arrogance. It is arrogant indeed to bend other peoples´ religion into a shape which pleases one better. We cannot blame you for adopting the term “Islam means peace”, since we know that your prophet Muhammad himself has advised you to take to lying when the infidels are too strong to be subdued by military means. Who are we to counsel you to challenge your prophet!

We outrightly acknowledge that you have studied us and our culture more extensively and understood it better than we yours. We also acknowledge (in hindsight, now that we know your goals and the methods advocated by Muhammad to achieve them) that your course of action was mostly straightforward, while our actions often consisted of haphazard stopgap measures.

Alas, by now we know what you want. You want to expand the Dar al-Islam at the expense of the Dar al-Harb and, in the long-run, install the rule of the Islam over the world. We also know that your method is called Jihad, and we are not that oafish to believe that Jihad only means violence. No, you are certainly not that primitive. Jihad also encompasses demographic efforts, migration, Da´Wa (proselytization), Taqiyya (deft lies), propaganda and the use of economic power (petrodollars). Furthermore, we also believe you that an inner Jihad exists, the individual effort to lead a life agreeable to Allah. That is your private affair and does not belong in our dialogue. We are not bothering you with the contents of our prayers, either. But of course we do not believe that the inner struggle is the only meaning of Jihad. We are not blind and your holy scriptures are fortunately available for us to study.

We also recognize that your community is divided in the question whether terrorism is currently an adequate or contraproductive means to achieve your goals. We do not want to get involved in that, strategic and tactical issues you have to solve yourself. Maybe it comforts you that we are also beginning to discuss the Jihad-defense under purely strategic and tactical aspects, and that we no longer consider which method may be more agreeable to you, but which is more agreeable and promising to us.
We truly hope that you realize with your god-given intellect that we cannot approve of your goal, which is the global islamization or at least the islamization of Europe and Israel. We regret to inform you that we want to frustrate and will frustrate your every attempt with every means at our disposal. Mind you: We do not want to argue you out of this goal - it is not ours to alter your religion and we also know that we could not do that even if we tried. We know that your faith is strong and that you are humble servants of Allah. We will no further interfere in the setting of your agenda, we will only prevent you from achieving your goal.

You know that infidels defend themselves against you. Islamic warlords of days past knew well that the infidels showed no inclination to live under Islamic rule. If they had not known that, they would not have sent armed soldiers, but friendly missionaries. You still know that today. If you were expecting that Israel´s Jews were wishing for the islamization of their country in the form of a Islamic-governed Palestine with the possible toleration of a reduced jewish Dhimmi-population, then you would not have to blow them to pieces or undermine their morale with rocket attacks and nuclear threats by Teheran. Then you would just have to make them the offer and wait for their enthusiastic approval.

Due to our inexcusable ignorance of your religious duties, we in Europa have not realized in the past that you also want to islamize our countries. That is why your progress towards this goal - in comparison to your efforts towards Israel - was possible almost without terrorist violence. He who lays down on the mattress does not get ravished. He who lets himself get conquered deliberately does not force the conquerors to use armed force. We are sorry to tell you that we are no longer willing to let us get conquered willingly.

Unfortunately, a huge number of your colonists have already settled in our countries. We know that many of them are unaware that they serve as colonists and that - certainly to the chagrin of the righteous amongst you - they just want to live a comfortable life without any interest in Jihad. But that is your problem. We cannot see any reason why we should lead a dialogue with nescient individuals who do not notice that they are pawns for our conquest. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us - due to your obligation to Taqiyya - to discern the truly peaceful from the pious liars, as we do not possess the necessary mind-reading ability. Furthermore you certainly understand that it is impossible to lead a dialogue between two vast groups like the Umma and the West by having millions of private discussions with scattered individuals. We have to lead this dialogue on the grounds of our and your ideological alignments - with those who take them seriously, and not with unorganized, lax individuals.

So what is it we are supposed to do?We infer from the statements of islamic organizations and islamic individuals (and their hostile behaviour) in our countries that muslims do not like us and do not feel comfortable in the West. That is OK with us. We do not like them either. We shall continue to do what these people critisize as “discrimination, racism and islamophobia”, for instance we will keep the antic of assigning jobs by qualification and not by a religious quota, and we will continue to insist that our laws must be adhered to. We know that our laws are wrong in your opinion, as they contradict the Sharia - but we want to keep them nevertheless.
We would like to serve the issues at hand peacefully, but if pressed we can also get nasty. We are not as nice as our political correct compatriots have regrettably claimed us to be. We are of the same species as you and we also can bring very ugly aspects to bear. We hope that you can appreciate our squareness to which you were sadly not used to so far.

We also do not really appreciate that our economies pay dearly for oil from Islamic countries, while at the same time they support Islamic migrants, who we do not need for anything, through social welfare with an ever-rising tax burden.

Our offer: We carry on paying for oil, but expel Islamic welfare receivers and criminal Muslims and cease our support payments completely. We realize that the widespread presence of Muslims in Europe furthers your goal (the spread of Islam) - but you certainly acknowledge that it does not serve our goal (deny the spread of Islam), but that it is proving to be more and more counterproductive.

We suggest that you accept the expulsions and that we in turn refrain from exporting our vexatious lower classes - especially the neo-nazis - to the rich OPEC countries. We also commit ourselves not to preach Christianity “with the sword”, that is, with modern Hi-Tech warfare, in your countries. We could do that basically - we have done it in South America, and a bloody mess it was - but we do not want to do that anymore nowadays. Still, we reserve our right to intervene militarily if your military development threatens us, and “us” includes Israel.

And this is not a challenge to a verbal pissing contest of our and your military capacities. We think it uncomely to say the like or even boast with our superiority, that is an important part of our culture. Yet you will understand that we, of course discreetly, take inventory in this matter and humbly ask you to do the same.
We would be glad to solve all our problems without war and violence, and hence we suppose that you diligently calculate your chances of achieving your goal, which is diametrical opposed to ours and which we will not discuss further, through military/terrorist means or through migration.

We are looking forward to an honest answer.

Should you, contrary to expectations, prefer to solve matters with violence against people - that includes Israel, which is a part of the West - we are forced to react violently. Your laments in this regard we will register, but we will neither believe them nor take them into account. We are also prepared to unflinchingly take violence against certain things (national flags, puppets of our leading politicians and religious authorities), as we are glad to leave you an outlet for your therapeutic vent of anger. We are not inhuman. But burning embassies and every kind of violence against people we will henceforth consider as a declaration of war.

Best regards,

Your enemy, the West.”

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Defender well it does sum up our feelings nicely.

I have posted it on the forum and might post it later today but am looking at something more recent.

Anonymous said...

Galloway is no Dhimmi!
He's a liar 100% Galloway married a Palestinian female. family member to Yasser Arafat.
He could not have married a moslem had he not reverted to islam!
This is a fact!
His beard is just to signify his islamic faith.
He's too scared to admit that he's a moslem he knows full well folk would back off putting a moslem party into power.
Moslem men can marry outside of islam females cannot!
When i put this to him he bacame abusive like he does when cornered.
Unknown to him a student was recording him on a visit to a university on her phone.
He was very abusive his language f this f that.
His true colours are hamas green!
Quote from his ex wife " why he called his party respect i cannot understand he showed me no respect whatsoever"
I guess she summed the man up he's a dodgy double speak moslem!
Cares only for moslems...

George Galloway speech in Parliament, Friday 23 March 2007 on the UK Government cutting back on English lessons to the detriment of disadvantaged minorities, and increasing isolation
And we all know which minorities!
Certainly not Europeans!
His backers are moslems with beliefs that disgust most right minded people.
Another wooden horse to get into parliament an islamic force.

Anonymous said...

green Glasgow BNP are the victims of Leftest hate mob.

Look also at they way these thugs gloat and deny free speech.

Marxist Nazis, of the Left.

Where eagles dare

Anonymous said...

I just can across this story in the sun and was deeply pissed off by this quote...

"Except for mentally disturbed people, like the activists of the British National Party, open racism has all but vanished."

Apparently I'm a loonatic for being a BNP activist!
Well listen to this David Blunkett (who wrote this article).... F*CK YOU!

Surely we can get him in trouble for slander?

His email address is on the story. Make sure you send the keyboard warrior a message.

Anonymous said...

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
For a complete Fjordman blogography, see The Fjordman Files. There is also a multi-index listing here.

Notice how this senior member of the European Parliament states that the media “must” engage in breaking down resistance to increased mass immigration to Europe. The fact that political authorities clearly view the media as just another arm of the transnational bureaucracy demonstrates just how far down the path of totalitarianism the European Union has already gone.

The EUSSR is taking shape right in front of our eyes. As I have said a million times before, the only possible solution to this is to get rid of the EU. All of it. The entire organization is just a big pile of corruption, sharia and Utopian ideologies. It needs to go if the European continent, and the civilization it gave birth to, is to survive this century:

From EU Observer:

Instead of the narrow-minded approach suggested at the Anglo-French Summit Europe we need to agree a far more ambitious package: one which combines the fight against illegal migration with the creation of legal migration channels and development and security policies that actively bolster third countries.

Before our ambitions can be achieved, however, parliamentarians and the media alike must commit to engaging in the crucial step of changing public perceptions. For without public confidence and backing, an ambitious global migration policy for Europe is unlikely to see the light of day.


Anonymous said...

If it is indeed true that Gorgeous George is a Muslim, then combined with the revelations of Noris the Doris and what appear to be many Muslim fascinated politicians sleeping with the Koran by their bed, then what we have is a very clear picture emerging. Not to mention the 10,000 Muslim millionaires in Britain, certainly explains what is going on??.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Guys, you should probably try to keep in mind that the original "Quiet Revolution" refers to the sudden abandonment in Quebec of its native Catholic and French culture. It was the beginning of the end for Quebec in which the French population is in a demographic death spiral.

Because of the Quiet Revolution, Quebec as a "distinct society" will be extinct. Replaced with, guess what?

Muslim immigrants.

I'd send a note to the BNP leadership about this letting them know that they should probably drop the term like a radioactive spud.

ivan said...

well done bnp glasgow,to all my ancestors up there,stand by our brothers because we are the people and we will not let them spoil the spirit of the billy surrender from a staffordshire ulster boy

ivan said...

well done bnp glasgow,to all my ancestors up there,stand by our brothers because we are the people and we will not let them spoil the spirit of the billy surrender from a staffordshire ulster boy