Monday, 28 April 2008

The Camp of the Saints

These people are on their way. Do you have the courage to stop them?

Again, trawling the foreign news I am pointed again in the direction of the novel Camp of the Saints by the arrival of more seaborne invaders of the West.

In Italy, just over the last few days, hundreds of illegal immigrants have been storming ashore from invasion craft on one way journeys to the West and eventually Our Country.

Most of the illegal immigrants are are Somalis, Tunisians, Nigerians, Moroccans, Ghanaians, Palestinians and Algerians and mostly followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

The following is part of the summary from Camp of the Saints and I urge you to read this novel.
This is the state of mind with which the West confronts its final crisis: nearly a million starving, disease-ridden boat people -men, women, and children -set sail from the Ganges delta for Europe. Practically no one is willing to say that this flotilla must be stopped at all costs. Instead, liberals and Christians spout confident nonsense about welcoming their Hindu brothers into the wealth and comfort of Europe.

Failure of Churches to assist White flock

The thought of this wretched brown mass sailing for Europe is a source of great joy for the World Council of Churches. Its men are "shock-troop pastors, righteous in their loathing of anything and everything that smacked of present-day Western society, and Woodford Green, Essexss in their love of whatever might destroy it." They are determined "to welcome the million Christs on board those ships, who would rise up, reborn, and signal the dawn of a just, new day . . . ."

One of the few Europeans who recognizes that what has come to be called the "Last Chance Armada" spells the doom of Christendom reproaches a group of anti-Western churchmen: "There's not one of you proud of his skin, and all that it stands for. . . ." "Not proud, or aware of it either," replies one. "That's the price we have to pay for the brotherhood of man. We're happy to pay it."

Europe is rife with fifth-column propagandists, products of earlier capitulations. Typical of these is Clement Dio, "citizen of France, North African by blood . . . . [who] possessed a belligerent intellect that thrived on springs of racial hatred barely below the surface, and far more intense than anyone imagined."

Europe's Fifth Column

Knowing full well that acceptance of the first wave of third world refugees will only prompt imitators that will eventually swamp the White West, he writes happily about how "the civilization of the Ganges" will enrich a culturally bankrupt continent:

"Considering all the wonders that the Ganges had bestowed on us already —sacred music, theatre, dance, yoga, mysticism, arts and crafts, jewellery, new styles in dress -the burning question . . . was how we could manage to do without these folks any longer!"

As the flotilla makes for Europe, school teachers set assignments for their students: "Describe the life of the poor, suffering souls on board the ships, and express your feelings toward their plight in detail, by imagining, for example, that one of the desperate families comes to your home and asks you to take them in."

Well I tell you this, if push ever comes to shove, then I want a government with balls bigger than the London Eye and nerves of steal to match. And to my mind there is only one political party that says what it means and you just know, means what it says. The British National Party, never afraid to face the unpleasant truth. Proud to be BNP.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

" These people are on their way. Do you have the courage to stop them? "


By whatever means necessary.


ONE of mine is more important to me than ALL of theirs.

Anonymous said...

I'm Christian. brought up to turn the other cheek now i turn to face my own in my country and that is where my duty ends.
i'd block up that flaming tunnel to France after first using it to let France have back the immigrants that they looked the other way when letting them in here.
France agreed with Arabs to allow hoards of muslims in. it's only fair we help France keep her promise!!
We have a natural protection being an island it was obvious why the tunnel was built and it was nothing to do with helping us get to France.
I echo Sir Henry's words fully!
I will not sit back and watch white nations being sacrificed on any Marxist alter.

Anonymous said...

The rising of the EU super state.