Saturday, 20 June 2009

Adam Price Plaid MP

I would not have bothered to write about this creature Price again, had it not been for the fact that a Youtube Video of him being interviewed by BNPtv Wales had been removed from Youtube as being a violation of their terms of use. Youtube of course, is part of the dam that seeks to hold back the truth but as usual, is defeated by our activists, who, acting like Moles just upload again and pop up in another part of the enemies garden.

Watching the video, again I can understand why Adam Price would like to have seen it removed as it completely demolishes his claim that he is a Welsh Patriot. Because if Price is a Welsh Patriot, I am an egg fried sandwich.

So what as Price been up to apart from getting embarrassing film footage removed from Youtube. Well on the 17th of this month, on one of rare appearances in Parliament, Price asked the following question.
To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will seek the addition of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to the UN's list of territories in the process of decolonisation.
Strange really, considering Price believes that "all are Welcome in Wales" and works towards encouraging the colonisation of Wales by Somalians and other moslems, at the expense of the real Welsh, of which Price is not one.

Price, whose hatred for the English is almost as well known about as his love for the foreign meat his Asian boyfriend Swami Raghaven feeds him, as clearly finished reading the book Bring Home the Revolution that he claimed for out of expenses. The book makes the case for abolishing the Monarchy and therefore one must assume also, the removal of Queens from society.

Parasite Price, who cost the British Taxpayers last year, in salary and expenses the mouth watering sum of £317,496 claims that from now on he will be publishing details of his expense claims "from here on in" and will not be claiming a food allowance. But of course the real question is, what has Price claimed prior to the rock being removed from the Parliamentary Maggots that feed off us?

Because it is difficult to find out from the heavily censored information on expenses that have been revealed about Price just what he has claimed for. Just try going through his expenses here. Nothing but pages and pages of blanked out information that is about as revealing as a dead rock.

In fact having tried to extract any useful information from the published list, I am in full agreement with the Freedom of Information campaigners who have denounced the publication of expenses as a farce. In fact I would go further. It is a deliberate attempt to prevent the people learning even more about how they have been exploited by the Pigs in Parliament of whom Price is one.

No, Price is just another marxist pretending to be a Nationalist. Same as the vermin Adams and McGuiness in Ireland. All of them hate the English and all of them are intent in destroying the countries they are overpaid to represent.