Friday, 26 June 2009

Links by Bobby

Palestinian Serial Rapist Jailed in Leicester

A Palestinian asylum seeker who preyed on prostitutes in Leicester has been jailed for nine years.

When caught and questioned about the attacks, he told police he took the view that 'there are different categories of women':

Media Ignores Muslim Councillor Sons' Violent HATE Attack Against British Couple
Undoubtedly anyone who reads or watches the news KNOWS that if a NON muslim person were to get into any type of physical or verbal altercation with a muslim the media, politicians, police, etc etc would immediately rush to label the person "racist" and condemn the actions as a race hate attack - or an example of (the Myth of) Islamophobia.

Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. Average taxpayers in Britain now have to work almost half the year – 176 days – to pay their share of the cost of running Gordon Brown’s administration. Every penny we have earned since January 1 has gone to feed the state leviathan. It is only from today that, at last, you have started working for yourselves and your families.

A Snapshot from Britain's Courts (II)

Court News UK has had some shocking cases up after the past few days. Here are some of the most troubling:
WEMBLEY An unsuccessful appellant tried to blind a team of lawyers in a horrifying acid attack at the High Court, a jury heard today). Ashok Mahajan, 54, showered a barrister, solicitor and pupil with the contents of a bottle of hydrochloric acid after his race discrimination appeal was thrown out, it was said.

British Man Raped by "Asian" Taxi Driver

I have chronicled many of the growing numbers of rapes perpetrated by muslim taxi drivers - but these rapes have all been of women - this latest victim of taxi driver rape is a man.

"A man was raped by a taxi driver who followed him into his block of flats after driving him home. The 20-year-old victim got into the cab at Quay Street in Manchester city centre in the early hours of Sunday after a night out. When the taxi arrived at Salford Quays, the driver refused to take payment. The man went into his flat block, but was grabbed by the driver as he waited for the lift. He was raped in the stairwell of the building, police said.

....The rapist was described as being in his late 20s or early 30s, dark skinned, possibly Asian, and of middle eastern or Iraqi appearance."

Muslim Gangs & Street Terrorism

Britain seems to be suffering an upsurge in what Geert Wilders has called 'street Jihad', or 'street terrorism'.

The phenomenon is used to refer to gangs of disaffected, criminal Muslim immigrants, overwhelmingly young males, who prey on the host society by committing violent crimes against natives.

Often these crimes are not committed for material gain - they are committed to assert dominance over certain areas which the Muslim youth regard as their own territory.

In Britain, it is not quite as bad as in Sweden or the Netherlands where even the authorities are afraid to stray into some areas, but it is getting there.

Pakistan: U.K. Must Do More to Combat Militant Islam

There is so much wrong with this story that it is hard to know where to begin:

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari said on Tuesday Britain has to tackle its own issues of deprivation to stop the radicalisation of British Muslims.

The Burqa - False Problem, False Solutions

My previous post mentioned the position taken by Nicolas Sarkozy on the burqa - the full-length covering worn by some Muslim women. His position was a critical moment in his June 22 address to Congress:

"The burqa will not be welcome on the territory of the Republic..."

In its forcefulness and its pro-Western outlook his latest remark, stating clearly that such a garment has no place on French territory because it symbolizes the degraded status of women, runs counter to his previous remark on a similar subject. The French press has had numerous articles on this recent toughening of his earlier, more liberal attitude. Many applaud his courage. But, the burqa is much more than a question of a woman's place in society, be it Muslim or French. It is, rather, the visible evidence of an unpleasant truth.