Thursday, 25 June 2009

Embracing Orwell's Wordspeak.

By Albion

In the past I must admit trawling the myriad of blogger sites on the Internet I was disturbed to read there were many negative references and articles pointing out the detrimental effects of uncontrolled immigration into this small country, whether the result be the strain on our general infrastructure, our NHS, lack of housing for the original natives of this land or the overstretched police force, which is in stark contrast to reports of the positive effects of unfettered immigration touted by the popular British rag Tabloids.

But thankfully times are changing. The Labour government much to their wisdom ceased opening the flood gates to refugees and only allowed in people seeking sanctuary.

That at least was recognition that we even had a terrible problem that was causing the social ills affecting this country in the first place. Thus word Refugee was removed from our vocabulary and replaced by the word Sanctuary. Problem solved.

Over the years the far left Socialist Labour government alerted to the widespread general public concern and disquiet of the lack of public safety ordered the police force to issue prepared statements, issued by the Home Office to the general public that any public concerns received of the increasing number of muggings, rapes, murder and general third world mayhem in our country was to gently re-assure the natives of this country that their physical well-bring was of the highest priority and that ‘occurrences of this type were very rare’ or ‘only a small number of hooligans were involved’

Whether this lying statement placated the peasants I do not know.

Can we ever return to the ‘old’ days when our police force received the tacit respect from its own people and were not recognized as the political arm of the government as it is today?

In the Orwellian world we are now entering it was suggested even the word FORCE be removed from our vocabulary when referring to the police and replaced with the word SERVICE as the word Force was very provoking and which reminded them of the Force that was applied against them in their strife-torn countries.

The innocent member of the public who unfortunately died after being deliberately violently flung to the pavement by a member of our Police Service who had been careful to remove his number identification first I would suspect would prefer the word Service be removed and Force be replaced. It is a much truer description.

I hate to point out that this strife I refer to appears to have been brought by these people from their festering, violent sink holes to seek sanctuary in ours, without our people’s choice, approval or consent. Perhaps our people were asleep at the time. Who knows?

What other positive effects are we seeing? Well Ghetto’s first began forming in 1948 due to the sudden inrush of swarthy ethnic immigrants from the sunny Caribbean. Assimilation was shunned by the new arrivals and by the original people alike. The phrase Visibly Ethnic Clusters was coined which I am told immediately solved the problem; a master stroke indeed if I might say so, and the word Ghetto ceased to exist.

They denied the people of England the luxury of their own parliament but graciously gave the rest of the once UNITED Kingdom their own parliament. Great Britain was ordered by the EU as part of the one Europe to remove the word England from the map of the British Isles. The word English was still an irritation to the Federation builders in Brussels.

So English as an ethnic grouping was also removed and this gave birth to a new ethnic grouping named White British.

Orwell would have been proud; he once wrote about the sanitization of our language. Orwell was a little early in his prophesies but now at last we are heading for the bizarre world he wrote about.

A friend of mine, a psychiatric nurse used to tend to patients; she now tends clients, a word that’s much more palatable using the new Wordspeak.

So what positive changes to our lives and language have occurred using the new Wordspeak? Nothing; absolutely nothing! The truth is hidden under thin disguises but the substance is the same.

One should be able to call a spade a spade but that is taboo…………………if you understand my meaning.

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