Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tommy - Rudyard Kipling

Well the best laid plans of mice, men and bloggers often go astray, as mine did this morning.

Call the hands at 0430 and ready to defame, slander and libel The Establishment and their running dog lackeys (I am getting to sound like the reds now) of Searchlight and the UAF, I am brought to a complete halt by a system failure.

Well six hours later, all is restored but I have decided to have the day off, that I promised myself once Nick GriffIn MEP had been elected and do what I like for a change.

So have some poetry and while you listen to it, think of the appalling treatment of our wounded servicemen from the illegal wars, who are forced to recuperate in mixed wards and face abuse from the colonisers who should not not even be in Our Country.

Think of our homeless ex-servicemen, living on the streets after their time is served, whilst people who arrived yesterday are given new homes with all the latest fitments.

And then think of the bastards in The Establishment who secretly loath the military, have taken the name British from Army - so now it is just Army, destroyed our historic regiments, failed to give them the weapons and equipment they need and then when dead or wounded ignore them.

Gordon Brown the unelected piece of human garbage, can find time to ring up Simon Twatface, (another shit who made it off the back of his parents and enquire about the health of some poor deranged toad whose only way to get a kiss was to enter a no talent show) but does not have time to visit a wounded soldier. Brown you truly are a snot eating slug.

Well, I have started so I might as well pass on some information whilst I am here.

Over in Burnley, Tauriq Khalid (Is that a Cornish name?) has been charged with using racially abusive and threatening behaviour towards the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP.

The lawyers acting for Khalid, tried to get the charges dropped by claiming that it was not in the public interest as the trial may be used by people “for their own political motivations”.

The trial though, will not take place until the end of this year, although why it takes that long, I have no idea.

BNP people, facing trumped up charges are processed faster than the speed of the invaders flooding into Our Country, which is pretty damned well fast I can tell you.

The rag reporting the incident took the usual opportunity of taking a swipe at Our Chairman with the statement "Griffin was convicted in 1998 of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred".

Mr Griffin was actually convicted for questioning the numbers of Jews murdered during the 2nd World War. That to me is not racial hatred but a sign of an enquiring mind. But as we know, six million were murdered and that is official or so we are told by the European Union.

And when I read that, I wondered whether the Turkish Colonisers in Europe could be charged with denying the Holocaust also. The Armenian Holocaust that is.

Turkey is an anti-Christian and anti-Semitic nation. In the 20th century Turkey was the leading anti-Christian nation in the world, killing over 2,500,000 Christians in its Armenian Genocide, Pontian Greek Genocide and Assyrian Genocide. The infamous burning of Smyrna and slaughter of the Armenian and Greek Christians of Smyrna ordered by Ataturk should never be forgotten. And the catastrophic pogrom against the 100,000 Greek Christians of Istanbul on September 6-7, 1955, brilliantly described by Professor Speros Vryonis, Jr. in his monumental book The Mechanism of Catastrophe (2005), should never be forgotten.
I mean, in Turkey it is a crime to say that Turkey practised Genocide against the Armenians and others. In fact Turkish historians are not even allowed to investigate the deaths of almost 2 million people.

But then again Turkey is free to question the Jewish Holocaust and the West is free to question the Armenian Holocaust, so I guess it is a case of swings and roundabouts.

But to finish off on a brighter note. It was interesting to read the appeal by the Socialist Workers Party for unity amongst the left. This appeal was quickly rejected by The Stalinist Vanguard (who the bloody hell are they) and others with the SWP soon forgetting its appeal and taking a swipe at Weynob Bennett of the UAF.

Some of the comments I found were actually quite funny, with one guy saying that the current state of the "left", ie communists was akin to his student days,(where the damage to their minds is first done) when at parties, the Stalinists would all be in the kitchen swigging down the beer, the Trotskites would all be sat on the same sofa and the Lenninists would all be in the corner.

And that the whole lot of them, would be taking "bollox" about the rights and struggle of the working classes without even ever having done a days work in their life or even understanding the working class, as they all came from privlidged or middle class backgrounds.

And round and round they went chasing their tails, until I got bored with laughing and left them to it.

And we move on.