Friday, 26 June 2009

Resignation of Ian Clement, Deputy Mayor of London

Another Strike for Michael Barnbrook BNP

Once again the national press have refused to acknowledge the major input by the British National Party in helping to clear up the sleaze that is rife in British politics.

Having helped to bring about the downfall of several Members of Parliament for abusing the Parliamentary expenses scheme, Michael Barnbrook, the British National Party spokesman for Law and Order, has now turned his attention to the Greater London Assembly.

Michael read in his local press that Ian Clement, a deputy mayor at the Greater London Authority and former leader of Bexley Council, had been forced to hand back his corporate credit card for apparent misuse, after an internal investigation.

There was no mention of any other punishment.

Accordingly, Michael wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner on 10th June, 2009, seeking an investigation by the police in order to ascertain whether Mr Clement had committed any criminal offences in relation to the use of the credit card.

On 16th June, 2009, Michael had a response from the Metropolitan Police, informing him that the matter had been passed to the Economic and Specialist Crime Directorate at New Scotland Yard for their attention.

On 17th June, 2009, as a matter of courtesy, Michael E mailed Mayor Boris Johnson to inform him that the matter had been reported to the police. The E mail was acknowledged.

On Sunday 21st June, 2009, whilst watching the Politics Show on BBC television, Michael saw Len Duvall, Labour Leader of the Greater London Assembly, being interviewed about the Ian Clement affair.

Mr Duvall stated that he would be interviewing Mr Clement on Wednesday, 24th June, 2009, as Chairman of a GLA committee about the use of the credit card.

He made no mention of the possible police investigation.

Accordingly, Michael E mailed Mr Duvall at 12.21pm on Monday 22nd June, 2009, to inform him of a possible police investigation and question whether it was advisable to carry out any more internal investigations until it was known if the Metropolitan Police would be investigating the matter.

Mr Duvall E mailed Michael back at 1.00pm the same day thanking him for bringing the matter to his attention and that he would alert his colleagues on the London Assembly.

It appears by the tone of Mr Duvall's response that Mr Johnson had not informed Mr Duvall or any other Assembly members of a possible police investigation.

Michael is not aware of what happened after Mr Duvall received the E mail, other than the fact that a couple hours later Mr Clement resigned, two days before he was due to be interviewed by Mr Duvall.

So much for transparency.

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