Monday, 22 June 2009

Peter Hain Vs Plaid and Ron Davies

by johnofgwent

It seems the gloves are off the latest incarnation of Hain The Welsh Secretary isn't keeping a warm welcome so much as stoking the fire under the cauldron of boiling oil.

Those of us old enough to have fallen victim to Labour's first attempt at interfering with postal votes, during the referendum to establish the hot air pit full of shit in Cardiff Bay, might just remember that the Yes For Wales campaign was chaired by some academic or other by the name of Kevin Morgan although for some inexplicable reason the BBC saw fit to grease Ron "Shirtlifter" Davies with the honour of chairing the organisation as a leaving present when he abandoned his post having been forced to admit to a moment of madness and a prediliction for a lentil curry cooked by a stranger in a house adjoining Clapham Common.

Over on WalesOnline the said Kevin Morgan waxes lyrical with gushing praise for the cottaging king but throws in Peter Hain, Win Griffiths and as an afterthought some woman named Rachael Lomax gets a mention. What for i have no idea.

But according to the "Welsh Ramblings" blog Hain is apparently off on a roll firing up the "doubleplus ungood refs nonpersons machine" to erase history and rewrite it with him as the winner. For Hain is quoted there as saying to WalesOnline News
“Remember, I ran the campaign in 1997, I set up the Yes for Wales campaign in 1996, and yet we just shaded it, the narrowest victory it was possible to conceive. I don’t want to go through that again, I want to have a confident Yes campaign that wins.”
Well I'm sure Hain would love to have a campaign - ANY sort of campaign - that wins something. he did really well urging the masses not to elect Nick Griffin didn't he.

But why the desire to erase history and rewrite it with him as the commander in chief ?

Could it be he's just trying to wind up Plaid's John Dixon ? If so he's definitely having the desired effect !