Friday, 26 June 2009

Good news at Lindsey

British Workers Are Back At Work On Monday
by johnofgwent

The BBC have you believe the planet has stopped turning round the sun as a result of some musician or other being handed a surprise appointment with The Grim Reaper. Well that may be so for some people, but others of us have mortgages to pay.

And so I thought it was particularly pleasant to hear this afternoon that the latest dispute at the troubled Lindsey Oil Refinery and beyond has been resolved. The 640-odd people thrown on the street for having the audacity to demand earlier agreements on British Jobs For British Workers be adhered to are to be asked to return to their jobs on Monday. Read it on Sky News who seem to be one of the few places not paralysed by the passing of a chap who could, allegedly, sing and dance a little.

Digging a little deeper into the story iot seems Total had little choice in the matter. The project is so far behind schedule and so much over budget the only way that anything can vbe salvaged is to give these chaps the jobs back and agree not to carry out recriminations against the sympathy strikers who walked out of their related positons up and down the country.

I found myself, last night, watching BBC Three - or was it Four ? - showing a documentary about the oil boom of the 70's and the Thatcher years. Much was made of the delivery to the oil company of the largest drilling rig platform ever produced, and much more was made of the fact that despite it being the most expensive piece of hardware commissioned ever up to that moment, it was delivered on time and under the agreed budget.

For how many projects outsourced to where the curry comes from can we say the same ?