Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lies, more lies and Inuendo. The language of the Left.

By the Informer

In answer to this article in the Daily Mail which is totally based on hearsay I would like to open up you eyes to the truth.

We all know that our so called leaders are signatories and backers of the self styled ‘anti fascist’ non organisation Searchlight. Also we as taxpayers contribute to this false entity. Another part of this swindle is called Unite Against Fascism.

UAF is overtly respectable, but its roots lie firmly and indisputably in world wide communist ideology.

It is an irrefutable fact that communism has been responsible for more deaths and persecution in the last two centuries without any declaration of war, than every other conflict between peoples. Worse still is the fact that most of these deaths were caused by irregular mercenaries and even individuals whipped up by propaganda against a largely defenceless victim group.

In order for a regime to achieve this kind of brutality first they have to brutalise their murderers and supporters.

I will not bore you with facts that you already know, but the most vulnerable recruits to these evil forces are those in education. Students whose minds are already in intensive learning mode are easy to propagandize. They are by definition ignorant of the subjects that they are studying, and are extremely susceptible to misinformation. One only has to look at the history of protest in the UK to see that is the tool and toy of the student, who are in turn being unwittingly used by the far left.

Even before I have published this article I can hear the poo pahs of the lecturers.

Almost single handedly these bearded and sandal shod types (and I don’t only refer to men) have sought to and partly achieved their communist aims to undermine our whole society.

Our parliamentarians are almost completely university educated, even though most claim to be working class. Look what a mess they have made.

Our Judges, and senior legal figures all lean to the left, whatever other reason could there be for their strange sentencing policy which never seems to reflect public opinion.

Senior Police officers are no longer the natural progression of experienced rank and file officers. They are all university educated and have been Fast tracked into over-elevated positions of power.

There is no such animal as a right wing university lecturer so all the above have single sided ingrained left wing views, and cannot even begin to understand moderate views which they unconsciously perceive as far right.

In the 20th century, Russia and China to just name two openly destroyed history books burning them on mountainous funeral pyres. Subsequently possession of such a book would be seen as subversion and the poor victim publicly executed, often along with their whole extended family.

In modern history the likes of Hitler are quite rightly condemned. We do not however similarly condemn the actions of Communists. In fact the opposite is the case. The lefts’ views are so deeply entrenched that they are effectively condoning the actions of these tyrants.

We are currently powerless to stop the current tirade of lies about the British National Party whose members are essentially altruistic, however the British public are starting to wake up and be counted.

Within a year we could well have Nationalist members of the British Parliament, just as the Welsh have with the Welsh assembly, and the false anti English group Plaid, and Scotland with their parliament and the bigoted SNP.