Monday, 29 June 2009

Did you notice what Simon Darby said?

OK, I know you read the Deputy Leaders of the British National Party's article here but did you actually take on board what was being said?

I am referring to the second part of the article in which he reported on a debate that took place in the Parliament of the Pigs recently. Let me refresh your memory.
Mr. Mitchell:
I am not defending the BNP; I am trying to explain the nature of the vote.

What will happen when people come to us and ask why the Government cannot do more to help industry and all we can reply is, “Aid to industry cannot be allowed in Europe,” or if the Government's reaction to proposals for retrospective business rate payments in the docks, which will cause closures and unemployment, is that they cannot stop them because aid to industry will be struck down in Europe?

What about when people say they want something done about immigration or labour conditions or that they want British jobs for British workers at the oil refineries on south Humberside and all we can reply is, “Sorry, we cannot help you; Europe stops us from doing anything”? That speaks of the kind of futility and discontent that leads to an increase in the BNP vote.

There you have it. A clear statement from The Establishment, that they no longer have control over the affairs of Our Country, That all powers have been transferred behind our backs to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels. Again there is only one way to recover Our Country and that is by voting BNP.

And here, the Secretary of State for Scotland reveals how they depend on the colonisers vote to deny the true British People the right to determine whether they have the right to survive as a people.
In Scotland, on occasion, there is complacency about what happens in respect of the British National party. Of course we all know that its members are racists and anti-Semites, but their vote in Scotland has gone from near zero a decade ago to 27,000 at the European elections. The proportion of the BNP vote in Scotland was higher than the ethnic minority proportion of the population in Scotland as shown in the most recent census.
However, the colonisers are breeding like rabbits, if we do not act soon it will be too late and we will be democratically voted out of existence. And that is why the colonisers are still coming.

Well, I have to go now. Have a great day BNP and a pox on all who support The Establishment and the betrayal of the True British People.

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