Thursday, 18 June 2009

Want to get speedy NHS Treatment ? Become a Pikey.

by johnofgwent

I confess that when Mrs JoG told me about this story she'd read in the "Daily Mail" over lunch I thought "Oh God No One Will Believe A Word". So I went digging and long before I'd found the Daily Mail story or the extract therein whose image appears above I'd found the original.

It goes back to a report published in May this year which you can read about from an NHS Online Library Resource where you'll find the document available under this link

You'll need a strong plastic bag to retch into but the declaration highlighted above starts on page 7 of this 28 page travesty of the principles of Nye Bevan's NHS that provided treatment when needed to those and their families who had contributed when able.

And look what they get as a right (and bear in mind I had to go without my heart medication for 48 hours because I could not get an appointment to get a new prescription and they do not do repeats over the telephone).
Walk-in appointments: Practices should adopt a policy of not turning away any Gypsy/Traveller who attends without an agreed appointment, even if all appointments for that day are full.

Longer consultations: Practices should allow up to 20 minutes for consultations. Any requests to see other family members in the consulting room should be agreed (within reason), as this provides an opportunity to improve the screening status of potentially vulnerable patients.
And the delightful little booklet concludes with a sample application form for the "Pikey Advocacy Officer" who must be recruited into the practice and spend their time making sure the needs of these non-contributors thieves and bandits are met.