Friday, 12 June 2009

More about the Pink Paper reader and his Cohorts.

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By the Informer

I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting Adam Price MP a few years ago when I spoke in support of Council carers in Ammanford who were fighting the privatization of their jobs. He did not contribute to the meeting other than standing at the back as some sort of gesture of support from Plaid. Of course this was completely false because his lot supported the move.

His handshake felt like gripping a warm squashed road kill frog. All bones but no substance. I did not know then of his sexuality, but every time that I think of my faux pas I actually feel sick.

I would like to tell you a few truths about Plaid which will no doubt upset many Welsh people, but being of these valleys and hills I am not deterred.

Recently Welsh television avidly supported by Plaid, aired a post election program, obviously prepared in anticipation of a BNP breakthrough. It showed an immigrant chap of indistinguishable origin with faded out features complaining that he and his children had felt very unwelcome and threatened at their home near Llandeilo. The inference being that the BNP were responsible for all this. Well as a local activist I will tell you that we have never been anywhere near Llandeilo. It is a very affluent area as yet untainted by mass immigration. This example of scaremongering journalism belongs only on the cutting room floor.

That is just an indicator of what Plaid stands for and the hypocrisy of its members and supporters.

Plaid has its roots firmly and indelibly fixed in anti- English and anti-British ideology. Plaid blames all the ills that have beset Wales throughout history on the English. Prejudice is everywhere. You hear it daily in high streets, supermarkets, and pubs and rugby clubs. Anyone who is even perceived as English is discriminated against or whispered about. This is not paranoia it is fact.

I was bought up from the age of three in and around London. I was the middle child of a Welsh speaking Welsh woman and a father whose family had fled the horrors of 1916 Russia, and I spoke with an English accent. When I returned to Wales aged 17 I went to work in Llanelli as a dilutee (over age apprentice) in an engineering works. I was allocated the worst jobs and felt restricted in my chosen career, being left to my own devices whilst the local boys were really helped. In the end I was ‘advised’ that I would be better off choosing a new vocation. It was not so obvious to me than as it is now, but the thinly veiled hate still got to me. And this from my countrymen.

I have made West Wales my home and am ‘accepted’. I think that this however is because my Welsh language skills are quite adequate, and I am well known as a BNP person.

Plaid have a Pakistani Assembly Member and some councillors, an Irish Assembly Member and a liquorish allsorts of supporters. All overtly anti something and somebody. They have no policies apart from fighting for independence from the UK (England) and surrendering to the EU.

It is almost impossible to get a job here if you do not speak Welsh (something I can understand in the current climes). However if you have a Polish, Lithuanian or Slavic accent you also go to the front of the queue for everything.

Many people in many parts of Wales are now waking up to the False Flag nationalism of Plaid and see them for what they have become. A mixed bag of inadequates, oddballs, strangers to the truth and bigots.

Sadly many of these people have ingrained themselves into Welsh history and the establishment and will take years to worm out. This is no problem. Their membership is aging and ours is getting younger.

I must again emphasise that this report is in no way aimed at the 99%+ of good honest Welsh people, just at those who infest and infect Welsh politics and services. They will know who they are, because we certainly do.