Saturday, 27 June 2009

Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings.

Waking earlier than usual, I find my mind littered with thoughts, ideas and information that it had pulled out of my memory during the night. Sometimes I find entire articles ready for me, other times just links to information needed to write one. Strange thing the mind.

Depressingly, the thoughts and links are all depressingly depressing. For that you can thank Big D for pointing me at the main site just before my bedtime and Bertie for earlier pointing me in the direction of an Islamic school in Leicester.

But first, some breakfast. I usually have a warm beer and cornflakes but being out of corn flakes I decided to go for toast and marmalade complemented with a good strong coffee. No Milk. What is to be done? Well I tried substituting the milk with beer but quite honestly it did not work. In fact it was a bigger failure than my attempt to make a beef and sardine curry. And boiling the beer and adding coffee was also a failure and a waste of beer. So I have settled for a roll up and a beer. Incidentally, despite what people like Wellard might say, I NEVER drink before 6 a.m.

Now these thoughts I found waiting, had not been sorted or indexed but an old fashioned mental "Bubble Sort" puts them in some kind of order, so away we go.

The spoilt and self indulgent little rich bitch, Lilly Allen has been spouting off about the British National Party again, this time at Glastonbury, Clever girl. The three magic letters, BNP always means free publicity, even for a 2nd rate singer like Lilly Pondlife. Off topic, but what was Sarah Brown, the wife of the unelected Brown Clown doing at Glastonbury with the foul mouthed creature Naomi Campbell?

Allen, in "a tribute" to the recently deceased piece of bleached white plastic, the paedophile Michael Jackson, wore a single white glove.

Before anyone starts on about Jackson being innocent, consider this portion of a statement made by the young boy Jordan Chandler who Jackson bought off with the $22 million US dollars.
Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with his mouth.
Michael Jackson had me suck one nipple and twist the other nipple while Michael Jackson masturbated.

You can read the entire Jackson files, here on The Smoking Gun. Jackson was about as innocent as OJ Simpson. All we need now is Gary Glitter to read Jacksons eulogy at his raising to sainthood ceremony. Fittingly, Jackson had converted to Islam before his death.

But back to Pondlife Allen. Before playing "Fuck You", Allen told the crowd to raise their middle fingers in protest against the BNP for having the temerity to win two seats seats in the European Parliament.
"Fucking boo them," she told the audience. "This song is called 'Fuck You', and I'd like you to join me by putting your middle fingers up at those bastards." When the audience responded by cheering wildly and raising their middle fingers, Allen collapsed in a fit of laughter.
During the show, in which she exposed her sagging breasts and later revealed that she had been "****ing herself" before going on stage. What a tacky, dirty, drugged up little slapper she is.

However, I suppose that Allen is a singer of some sort and I wonder if she knows how the Cult of the Dead Paedophile feels about songs and singers, especially female ones?

Now, I believe that over the last few years, I have been forced to learn more about the disease of Islam then most. And what I have learned is very alarming. We in the West are in very grave danger and those foolish people who think we can live side by side with these people are dangerous fools who could get all our throats slit.

Consider this, there are a billion followers of this cult. A billion people who need to be told how to use the toilet, how to wash and how to live their daily lives. They are incapable of making logical descisions because they are conditioned into not thinking at an early age in schools like the Leicester Community Islamic School.

They are like the Borg in Star Trek, they do not integrate. They assimilate and if they cannot assimilate they destroy. They are like machines, for they have lost their humanity as a result of their programming.

The Moslems colonisers in Our Country are only paying lip service to our laws and customs whilst they wait for demographics to hand our land to them without a fight. Meanwhile they are building their infrastructure ready for the day they feel strong enough to take control.

Let me show you an example of what I mean about paying lip service whilst they contaminate the minds of their own young in their Islamic Schools.

This is one of the lessons that those poor children are currently being taught.
"Songs cause hypocrisy to grow in the heart just as water grows crops"
What does that mean? Well let them explain it to you for me. Straight from the mouths of the madmen.

Pay attention to this line Lilly, you cretin.

"As for listening to songs sung by a female or a beardless lad,
it is considered as oneof the gravest sins that corrupts one's religion.

Right here we go. Cut n paste time.
A man came to Ibn `Abbaas, may Allaah be pleased with him, and asked him: “What is the legal judgment pertaining to singing? Is it permissable or prohibited?” Ibn `Abbaas replied: “On the Day of Judgment, will singing be classified with truth or falsehood?” The man said: “With falsehood”. Ibn `Abbaas commented: “You have reached the judgment yourself”.

Songs are the gateway to adultery as they contain inviting the beloved to an appointment, sitting with him (her) alone, practicing love, friendship, and lamentation over missing him (her). Besides this, songs call for dissolution of the veiling of women. Al-Fudhayl Ibn `Iyaadh said: “Songs are the gate to adultery”. Yazeed bin Al-Waleed also said: “O Bani Umayyah, beware of songs. They decrease decency, increase lust, and do away with one's integrity. It has the very same effect of wine and even replaces it. If you have no alternative but to listen to songs, do not let your women do the same, because songs are the gateway to adultery”.

Women are more affected by songs, musical tunes and the meanings of their words than any one else. Listening to songs may lead a girl to fall in love with the singer, to the degree that his songs and pictures are never far away from her mind. Is there an evil temptation greater than this? Many are the decent girls who have become prostitutes because of such songs.

Is it not true that songs encourage one to satisfy his lusts? Don't they motivate one to practice each and every bad deed? Don't they tempt a person to have an affair with a woman or even a child?

Songs and wine are companions, and they tempt one to commit sins and evil deeds. Satan made a bargain between these two evils so that, together, they will support each other in calling to corruption. Songs lead to prohibited adoration and committing ugly deeds. O Allaah, keep us away from Your Wrath and things which lead to Your Punishment. Hereby I end my sermon and ask Allaah for forgiveness.
Now I will never accept that anyone who thinks the above or follows a cult that preaches that kind of insanity is normal or capable of integrating with a civilized cultured people. I do not care if what I say, gets me 7 years in prison. They are stark staring bonkers and if the World is ever to have any peace and if civil wars are to be avoided then Islam must be destroyed. Not just held at bay but destroyed before they destroy, not just us but the world.

Now then, for those of you still with me. It is time for some lessons on what our enemies really think.

Is it permissible to swear allegiance to a kaafir(that is us by the way) ruler?
Based on this, it is not permissible to swear allegiance to a kaafir ruler, and if the ruler becomes a kaafir then he should be deposed, according to the conditions that are known to the scholars.
Kaafir is a derogatory term for non brain dead people and is like calling a black person a "Nigger". Kaafir however is considered acceptable by The Establishment.

Killing Non Muslims

Well enough lessons for today. School is now out. Homework on Islam can be found here. Recommended is the Islamic Politics section.


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