Monday, 22 June 2009

Eyesore Waymen Bennett (I saw Wayman Bennett)

By The Informer

Well what a great time we all had.
After a strength sapping five hour drive from West Wales through some of the most stunning scenery in Britain Sandy Yapp and I arrived at the famous but deserted Blackpool seafront.
My trusty little satnav on my N95 9gb (pun) took me right to the door of our accommodation.
Now I have heard lots about Seaside hotels and landladies in Blackpool, with not very much being positive in these stringent times. However I was in for the biggest shock of my life.
I rang the bell of the Alderley two doors from the venue, to be met by the beaming face of Dee. We then stepped into another world. Dee and Tony have transformed this little hotel into a palace. Red Indian statues are everywhere and tasteful art decorates the walls. The rooms are perfect and above all everything is scrupulously clean. It even had a bar.
That’s it for the adverts and now for the weekend and why we were there.

Our first sight was Dave Bell who had booked in just before us.

Once unpacked, Dave drove us off in search for supper. We found a sit down and ordered a large cod and chips each for £6. Large must have a different meaning in Blackpool, because each plate contained a battered whale, a mountain of chips, and a breakfast bowl of mushy peas. I managed half of this feast and it was truly delicious. Then off to the venue.
No sign of any insurgents, but there was the reassuring sight of BNP security on the door. By now the patriots were arriving in their droves.
We showed our cards and it was like going to a family party. Familiar faces and voices, and a nice cold pint. However the journey and whale had done their worst and we retired at 10.30 for a much needed kip.

Saturday dawned and full of trepidation I peered out of the window to be greeted by a group of strange vehicles covered in antennae and familiar faced reporters testing communications.

Plenty fo tooled up rozzers were in attendance and it was only 9am.

After a delicious breakfast I had another look out of the window. I just could not believe it. Across the way where a walled lawn separated us from the main road and tramway was a small dollop of what looked like it had been ejected from a Jumbo Jet? Upon closer examination I saw that a rabble Noah’s Ark of every sex in the world. These were being organised by Noah himself in the form of a little round bald headed brown man in a dirty mackintosh. Could this be the famous statesman Weyman Bennett? They were practicing their rhetoric and it was really amusing. Most knew the music but not the words. Fully grown men types were giggling like girls, and the girly looking things guffawed like dockers. Wahey man shouted orders into a non functioning hailer and it was all a farce. There was then a break whilst makeup was applied and press interviews given.

We soon found that the Police were there to protect Les Miserables, not us. I tried to take some photos and was promptly told to get into the venue. I explained to the officer that I was not ready, but he was not in the mood for dissent. I said that I was going about my lawful business and that I was a paying guest in his town and that the rabble were the ones intent on causing trouble. The rozzer looked at me blankly then seemed to soften. He flicked his eyes over his shoulder and whispered, ‘orders, sorry.’

Once inside security took over and Richard Barnbrook was dutifully issuing passes and there was an air of professionalism about.

We took our places in a packed hall topped up with dozens of the worlds press.
We were treated to the best heartfelt speeches that I have ever heard. No politics, just the amazing true story of the coming of age of our great party and even greater leader. Nick spoke with the humility that only a great man telling the truth can do. The applause was endless and genuine, not orchestrated as is so usual with others.

We retired for tea both exhausted and elated. A strange but enlightening experience.
Outside we found that the Bennett clan had evaporated just half an hour after the proceedings started. No wonder that we heard nothing of them.
After a sustaining meal of Blackpool pie and mash followed by apple pie and real custard we returned to the fray.

We were treated? To a middle-aged punk band playing on out of tune instruments. A strange choice as most of the audience were themselves respectable and middle aged. Never mind the excellent Joey Smith soon restored the peace.

We returned to the Alderley to finish off the day in fine company. North Wales governor Bill Murray and Marie were there together with Laurence Reid, Wales Euro candidate together with a full house of BNP residents.
Sunday morning bought a real surprise. Dave Bell joined us with a lost voice and a loud hailer to communicate with.

I wonder who that last belonged to?