Monday, 22 June 2009

Peter Hain. Witchfinder General

“The Devil himself will masquerade as an angel of light”

By Nemesis

The best asset that the Labour Party has that is in the interest of the British National Party is Peter Gerald Hain the latest Secretary of State for Wales.

The charismatic paragon of truth Gordon Brown must have been scrapping the barrel to assign our Peter to this position it would seem. Of course he might have been mentally incapacitated at the time following a six- pack session with Jacquie Smith’s husband over a porno film.

The elevation of Peter G. Hain to such a position in the wake of his recent track record only highlights the depths to which the Labour Party has sunk. However, the B.N.P. are happy to see the openly corrupt Labour Party lose further credibility by elevating him in their misguided attempt to regain public confidence.

The Labour Party’s recent mauling over the expenses scandal, subsequent M.P. resignations and virtual annihilation at the polls left the party in a position where it had to initiate a level of change in its political structure. So why have they put Peter Hain in this position? What is this man’s special skill? The answer would seem to be because he is such a convincing liar and these are the people that Mr Brown most needs at the moment.

The pet project of Peter Hain appears to be in his development and involvement with the U.A.F. He maintains that “the BNP should be confronted wherever they turn up” especially by his U.A.F. gang of nasties.

What he is advocating it would seem is attacks upon a legitimate democratically elected political party that holds alternative views to his own. No surprise here … this is Peter.

However, I believe this is an unmitigated trait of Fascism. Peter’s gang of brainless buffoons, who carry out fascist tactics allegedly to stop fascism, tried this stunt on the B.N.P. while recently campaigning in Neath Peter’s constituency.

The BNP saw them removed after initiating police intervention. They looked very disgruntled but slunk off quietly in a way you would expect from cretin like brainwashed cowards. So it would seem that Peter’s pet bully- boys were beaten on his own turf … what did he say to the B.N.P. recently? “No entry to Neath for the BNP ”

Not only were the BNP there they LEGALLY stuffed his U.A.F. flunkies. So it seems that the Secretary of State for Wales whose actions or inactions are partly responsible for the current sordid state of Wales does a bit of rabble rousing in his spare time …

Peter’s psych tends to naturally attract him to the tactics of the sewer rat unfortunately for the people of Wales. He promotes the U.A.F. and leads a witch-hunt against the democratic processes of the British National Party.

Perhaps from now on we should call him Peter Hopkin or Mathew Hain … Peter might like association with the most notorious witch finder of all time Mathew Hopkin Witch Finder General. Hopefully Peter can repeat the success of Mathew Hopkin and emulate him in every aspect of his live … especially when Mathew Hopkin was eventually identified as a witch himself and executed for witchcraft. The Sword of Truth always turns up and dishes out justice in the most unlikely of circumstances.

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