Friday, 19 June 2009

Rupert Murdochs Summer Party

Murdoch - The Puppet Master

It is my own fault. I should have learned by now to have saved the images, took a screen shot and saved the web page to my hard drive. But no, I just added the link to the do list and had a can instead. Not even the Internet Archive of WayBackMachine could help me.

I am of course referring to the report on Rupert Murdoch's Summer Party, which now no longer exists, having been pulled by The Daily Mail. I did wonder at the time why The Establishment allowed it to be published in the first place.

Because, the images of the plump, oily creatures, summoned to the event, was enough to make even my battle hardened stomach turn over and my mind turn to thoughts of tumbrils and guillotines.

And the puppets of the New World Order were all there, Cameron, Brown, Mandelson and a host of others, who the sheep people of Our Country foolish think are the rulers of our enslaved land.

Cameron, was forced to cancel a previous engagement to attend his Masters summons, because when Murdoch whistles and pulls their strings the puppets start dancing.

This being the 2nd time that Cameron had to be shown who was boss by Murdoch, the first time being when Cameron had to delay a family holiday when summoned to meet Murdoch aboard his private yacht the Rosehearty lying of the Cote D'Azur in France back last year. And all expenses paid by Murdoch.

At the time the conservatives insisted that the bought creature Cameron had done nothing wrong by accepting free flights for himself and family but then again they also find nothing wrong with Cameron's theft of public money in the ongoing expenses scandal.

And what was Cameron told by Murdoch? Well Murdoch laid it out in no uncertain terms. The UK needs freer markets. Freer Markets so that Murdoch and the other Masters can tighten their grip on the throat of the World.

I can picture Murdoch dismissing Cameron by saying something along the lines of: "Help yourself to a drink now David and then toodle off, as I need to have a word with Mandelson about what to do with Brown".

And where does Mandelson fit in all this? Well he has been Murdochs puppet since at least 2002 when he defended the Puppet Masters plans to take over the worlds news medias.

And if you think Mandelson is pulling Browns strings, then remember this. It is Murdoch who is pulling Mandelsons strings and determing the government of the days policies.

And the only threat to Murdoch in Great Britain is the British National Party and so he seeks its destruction via the newspapers that he owns. No coincidence that some of the most serious lies and smears on the BNP came from The Sun, The Times, The News of the World, The Sunday Times and BSkYB, all owned by Murdoch.

Sir Richard Branson, had this to say about Murdoch.
"the Government is "scared stiff" of Mr Murdoch. "If The Sun and the Sunday Times and Sky and the News of the World all come out in favour of one particular party, the election is going to be won by that particular party," he said. "We have got rid of democracy in this country and we might as well let Murdoch decide who is going to be our Prime Minister.

"His empire should be looked at by competition authorities and it should be decided if it's good for democracy that one person has so much influence.
Of course, this article might just be sour grapes on my part because I did not get an invite but then again I am in the business of publishing the truth and so would have nothing in common with Murdoch or any of his perverted puppets.

Related story is that Murdoch is planning to start charging for access to his online newspapers.

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