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Racism – the Liberal Sin

Footprints in the Sand

Today's “mainstream” Christian denominations have all been infected with liberalism to a greater or lesser degree. Sadly this extends even to those classed as explicitly “evangelical” such as the Baptists.

They all spout the same liberal nonsense about the “sin of racism” and the “fascistBNP, and interpret Christianity through a thoroughly liberal lens. Without caring about truth, they swallow leftist propaganda and accept lying leftist stereotypes about the evil “fascist right”. The Church's witness for truth is very seriously damaged by its badly biased current leadership. Instead of interpreting the state of the world via Christianity, Christianity is interpreted via the world, i.e. via liberalism.

According to liberalism, and unthinkingly accepted by liberal Christians, the one really evil sin is “racism”. To this they ascribe all the poverty, cruelty and bullying in the world. Remove “racism” and peace, harmony and love will reign. The BNP and “racists” are hateful because they are “flies in the ointment” preventing the realisation of liberal paradise.

This has been a master-stroke on the part of the Left. By focusing all attention on the red-herring of “racism” they have been able to hide the real sin and evil in the world. Why would they want to do this?

Because no one is perfect – we must all own up to many sins. But if we own up to sin, that means we must repent and accept Christ's way of salvation. This is always very hard – our pride fights against it. (Christians will always struggle with this, but they rely on the help of the Holy Spirit.)

But repenting of sin means facing up to real sins: bullying; adultery; fornication; theft; etc. Now the “sin of racism” does away with all this. We only need to accept that: “love is all”, “we're all the same”, “in it together”; and then we're morally superior! The repentance required for a non-sin such as “racism” is not hard at all. Only repenting of real sins is hard.

What exactly is racism?

The leftist answer is hurt, hate, murder, Nazi-ism, “white-supremacist”, Apartheid, preference-for-own, etc. It is a catch-all term including a very mixed range of concepts – some evil, some not - but all disliked by the left. In other words it has no precise meaning, and is therefore a useful bogy to use against all who oppose the Left. The “stereotyping” that leftists accuse whites of unfairly applying when their favoured “non-white victim-groups” are discussed, is apparently not unfair when applied to “white racists” - i.e. all who disagree with Multiculturalism!

Supremacism” - the idea that a superior group has the right to wipe out groups viewed as inferior - has few white supporters and, despite leftist paranoia, is not a serious threat. The Nazis, it is true, under girded their politics with the doctrine of “Aryan Supremacism”, but it should emphasised that this doctrine was not necessary to their bullying, murder and cruelty.

Lenin and Stalin espoused the opposite doctrine – communist equality – but this did not prevent them from carrying out even greater bullying, murder and cruelty than the Nazis! And this underlines the point: “racism” is a red-herring – Bullying, Murder and Cruelty - these are the real sins, whatever pretext is used.

Contrary to what Leftist Mythology says, Own-Race-Esteem is natural and right and fits perfectly with Christian teachings. The Church's campaign against the BNP is a disgrace. Before the recent elections I sent the following email to The Baptist Times. As I expected, they ignored it, because they cannot answer without exposing their un-Christian and un-Evangelical attitudes towards BNP supporters.


The Editor 25th May 2009
The Baptist Times
129 Broadway, Didcot, Oxon, England
cc General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain

Dear Sir

Re: Churches urged to take action ahead of European elections: (Reject BNP)

Christians acquainted with Scripture should know that Christ's kingdom is not of this world. If you prescribe leftist social policies as a condition of Christianity, (the implicit message of your anti-BNP campaign), then you fall into heresy. The business of the Church is not to promote the politics of “Multiculturalism”, but to present the Gospel: that Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that “no man comes to the Father, but by him.”

All too often, the mere passions-of-men displace “mere” Christianity – as CS Lewis warns:

“The danger of mistaking our merely natural, though perhaps legitimate enthusiasms for holy zeal is always great ...On those who add ‘Thus said the Lord’ to their merely human utterances descends the doom of a conscience which seems clearer the more it is loaded with sin. All this comes from pretending that God has spoken when he has not spoken.” (‘Meditation on the third commandment.’ God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics.)

The Church is commissioned to, “preach the gospel to all creation”, and warned against “stumbling blocks”, which cause people to sin. Today's churches have an extravagant concern for what lost leftists think – but apparently, those on the right who are lost can go to hell. When the Church eschews the red herrings of fashionable morality, and stands for unadulterated truth – (truth not obscured by favourite opinions), then truth converts sinners, from both “left” and “right”.

God is the enemy of all sin
- as defined by the Bible - not by liberalism. The “sin of racism” is an overworked bogy, which liberals use to project their own supremacist sins onto whites who esteem nation and race. Liberalism's “Racial Justice” is really: leftist bigotry, applied. Liberal sensibility may be outraged by own-race-esteem, (encountered in all races), but Christian morality is not.

God created the races. Obviously a natural attraction to one's own race, (essentially extended family), is the necessary corollary. Loving your own family does not prevent you from loving others, (or does it for liberals?). To “love your neighbour as you love yourself” requires both: love-for-own; and respect for the integrity of all God’s creation as he has created it, (not excluding racial boundaries). All the races, in ordered diversity, make up saved mankind in heaven, NOT a disordered man-focussed mob:

9 After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.10 And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne and to the Lamb." Revelation 7:9-10 " Revelation 7:9 NIV

“But,” you say, “it's about, inclusivity” – “Christ came to make us one.” Yes, and if we misuse the Christian's mystical union with Christ, as the bludgeon to force leftist utopian policies, (e.g. man-centred “Multiculturalism”), we are in danger of blasphemy. The Triune God himself is the apogee and exemplar of Christian unity: three in one – distinction maintained within union.

The Son of God's entry into the world reaffirmed the integrity of all God's creation, including his boundaries. He dissolved the sin-barrier between God and man – not Nature's order. The Jew-Gentile salvific divide is ended: in union with Christ, the salvation of all nations is revealed. In Christ, God's distinctions of identity and place are perfected. Liberalism inclines to rebellion against these distinctions, and that is the real sinful behaviour. True Christianity respects the Creator's boundaries, including those of nation, race and sex.

Liberal believers may recoil from all this, but nevertheless many, many Bible-believing Christians do indeed hold non-liberal beliefs – beliefs abhorrent to liberals. Naturally, we do not view liberalism as synonymous with Christianity. Fortunately no man has the power to excommunicate us, nor any Christian, from the Church Invisible – the true Church – only God can do that. Surely it would be wiser for the visible churches to humbly return to Gospel truths – leaving issues of judgement in disputable matters with God? Baptists, in particular, should understand that.

However, whether or not the visible churches heed this advice, be assured that many, many non-liberal Christians will continue to pray: that the BNP remains strong in upholding the truth it has grasped; that the BNP membership will continue to grow in grace, knowledge, and numbers (e.g. The BNP has long since repudiated anti-Semitism - Pat Richardson is an elected Jewish BNP councillor*); that all BNP members will come to salvation in Christ; and that God in his mercy will be pleased to save Britain in this perilous hour of her history – through the instrument of a God-fearing BNP government.

Yours sincerely,


Footnote by the Green Arrow

The Green Arrow blog is always willing to publish articles from Christians. Even if one is an atheist, one can still believe in Christian values and morality.

However, God has many names but at the end of the day there is only one God and for some there is only one Devil and you must look to the East to see him at work and eating his way westwards.

One thing, I would like to mention to readers, is that religion causes strong feelings and I ask those of you with no religion to be tolerant of those who lucky enough to have faith and the comfort it provides.

Remember this.
  • Jews are not responsible for Zionism.
  • Businesses are not responsible for the Bankers.
  • Christians are not responsible for the Bishops and Arch Bishops.
There are many things that our enemies could use to divide us. Do not play into their hands. We are a party of tolerance and understanding. Remember that my brothers and sisters.

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