Friday, 26 June 2009

A step up from the Black Welshman

By The Informer.

I have just had a terrible shock.
According to the press I am part of a mixed race family. After over 60 years of ignorance I have just realised that I have an English brother.
Oh woe is me. What am I to do? My brother was born in England. Boo hoo hoo.

As an ordinary Welshman, of normally accepted origins as we all are, this news has devastated me. After all my mum was Welsh and my brother was made in Wales as the saying goes, but he made the mistake of being born in England..
So now we have a new definition of nationality. You are ethnically forever tainted with the country of our birth.

Dai Williams down the road is now a Cuban whether he likes it or not, and has to claim his old age pension there. The DHSS have abandoned him; however he can apply for asylum.

Blodwyn ap Hainy from Neath who gave birth to Myfanwy in a plane over the Bosporus last year now has a Greek daughter and her husband is seeking divorce.

Betty Larjbaum from Holland has suddenly found out that she is Chinese, and my uncle Alf died not knowing that he was a chimpanzee having been born unexpectedly at Chessington Zoo.

This whole nationality thing is a complete farce.
The thinkers of the world are digging such a deep hole to de-nationalize us all that we shall soon have the same nationality.
There will only be one football team, one rugby team and one cricket team. So who will they play?
But this is what the bas£$*ds want.
They want to neutralise us all so they can take us over.

Funny though that it appears that only the obviously non British living here, and their poofy pink supporters are the ones who are making all the fuss?